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zetec promo

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can anyone tell me if you get the sony stereo instead of the ford one when buying a new zetec as the promo offers free bluetooth and voice control ,but i thought that ford one was not compatable.
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Its the ford standard 6000 stereo, I know as I just got one delivered 3 weeks ago ish
I asked to upgrade to the sony but was told I could not get the free bluetooth/voice control then.

The bluetooth system is very very very good !! I just purchased an Ipod and a jack plug to use via the aux connector to provide MP3 playback.

Ordered my 1.6 diesel in 2nd week of Jan - delivered 2nd week April
If you go one the C-Max builder on Ford.co.uk you have two no cost options for the free Bluetooth. One for normal Ford HeadUnits and one for Sonys.

EDIT: Just looked at the date on the post

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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