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xenon headlights

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Hi there maxers...........

Does anyone out there know how to adjust xenon headlights so that i can legally drive on the continent as i have just learned that the so called beam deflectors dont actually work on this type of headlight. Both the RAC and the AA seem to think that that there may be shutters built into the units but i'm not sure can anyone out there help as i dont really want to pay some obscene amount of money to dealer to adjust them. Plus when i get back from france its likely to be dark so they will need readjusting straight away

look forward to some helpful advice (Please !!!)

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There is an adjustment lever within the H/Lamp assy itself that you move for RH / LH drive traffic. You have to remove the whole headlamp assy and then the cover as though you were going to change a bulb.

I'd practice changing the bulb part of this in the daylight and the dry rather than on the side of a foreign motorway in a thunderstorm at three in the morning
Thanks for that but were can I find out how to remove the light units
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the owner manual should have it but otherwise PM me an e mail addy and I'll foward the two PDF files from the TIS disc so as to give you a start
Can you possible email me the pdf as well[E-Mail address removed - Mod] as my garage seems to think the lights are left hand drive lights and quoted £900 to change them but if there is a switch i can turn!!

(Please PM email addres direct to person rather than advertise your email, thank you - Mod)Edited by: lawe
the garage ought to be able to decode the approval marks which will be different for LHD & RHD units
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