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Here is the collection of cars i have had since my test in '93

VW Derby 1.0
Fiat Uno 45 Formula 1988
Fiat Uno 60S 1990
Vauxhall Corsa 'Swing' new 1994
Fiat Punto 75 ELX New 1996
Peugeot 306 1.8 GLX New 1998
VW Golf 1.4 S New 1999
Hyundai Coupe 2.7 V6 2004
Ford C-Max 1.8 Ghia 2004

The most unreliable car out of all them may be a surprise, but the Golf was dreadful! Had a new engine and gearbox by 18000 miles, to be fairit was the dealer that broke the gearbox while the engine was being replaced. Plus other bits didn't do as they should, but this is a C-Max site, so I'll be quiet now

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Jowett Javelin.
Jowett R4.
Bugatti Type 40.
Ex works Triumph "Sabrina" TR3.
Cooper "S" 1071 & 1275.
Isetta 250cc.
Vauxhall 2300 Magnum.
Ex DTV Vauxhall 2600 Magnum Coupe.
Renault R8 Gordini.
NSU TT1000.
BMW 2000Tii.
MG Metro 6R4.
Various Mk1 & Mk2 Escorts.
Mk5 Escort.
Lotus Talbot Sunbeam
Ford 2.6 "Cologne" Cortina.
Lancia Integrale Evo.
Ford Galaxy.
Talbot Samba 1285cc Rallye.
Focus Ghia estate.
Renault Laguna.
ST200 Mondeo.
Eunos Mk1 Roadster (JDM MX5)
Toyotta Corolla.
Ford C-Max.

As have retired from flying now back pursuing my other love - motorsport, currently drivingin historic rally's with an ex works Audi Sport Quattro, MG Metro 6R4 & later this year on the historic RAC, a Lancia Delta S4 (subject to it being finished, it eats money !).


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Old age getting to me, brain failing !, should add 1962 -1964 based in Aden (now part of Yemen) had following cars:

1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Coupe, 1961 Renault Floride, 1945 Willys Jeep.

Paul H.

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Passed my test in '97 this then I've had:

1988Suzuki SJ413 (samouraï) parents got it for me reasoning that it was so slow, I couldn't possibly get into trouble.

1994 Renault Clio Williams (it was therapy, to get over the 1st car...)

1998 VW Golf MK4 1.6 Comfort line

2001 Renault Sport Clio 172 Mk1 (love hot renault and it runs in the familly, my father having run a Renault 5 Alpine)

2003 Seat Ibiza TDI 130 Sport (started doing 30K KM a year...)

2004 Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi Trend (Wify is driving that now, with our 3 year old...)

1998 Ford Ka... What can I say. Bangernomics have prevailed. Costs nothing to buy,run and insure, I can rag it everywere without getting into (too much trouble) - I finally understand the reasoning my parents had with my first car! - and when it dies, I just get another one to run into the ground! Fun times.

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Passed my test in 1979

Mk 1 ford escort (Yellow but rusted to death)
BL Metro (worst car I ever owned had it from new but spent most of its time in the garage)
Fiat Panda (Steering failed)
Fiat Uno (stolen 1989 - can't think why someone would steal it - D218MNF)
Ford XR2 (baby came, had to sell it)
Ford Escort TD (ran it into the ground - something 80k on the clock - died with gearbox trouble)
Fiat Tipo (not good - had a habit of just stopping)
Ford Orion (TD but previous owner had fitted a turbo to it)
Ford Mondeo ..boring
2 x Nissan Primeras - good cars never let me down but wrapped both of them round gateposts - didn't matter they were company cars !
Toyota Avensis..boring
Ford Focus. Had it for a week or two - couldn't get on with it.
Ford Mondeo 2.5 V6 (best car I've ever had but cost me a fortune to run - once wound it up to 120 MPH on the M62)
Ford Mondeo...boring sold it back to the garage I bought it from.
Ford Focus TDCI - liked this car
Ford Focus estate (was like the tardis - fitted loads of stuff into it)
Ford C -Max Ghia TDCI- got rid - couldn't get on with the EPB !
Ford S - Max x 2 ( nicve motors but too big 0 can't think whyI had 2 though
Ford C-max Titanium 2 TDCI (current)


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Good thread. Always interesting to see what people have gone from what vehicle to the next:

Here's my list

Passed testDec '92
Bought 1982 Black XR3 (carb version) April '93
Sold XR3, bought 1983 MG Metro (Tomato red!) May 93'
Sold MG Metro Sept '93 to go to Uni.
Bought 1986 Escort 1.4 Bonus in insipid green Sept '97 (pile of xxxx)
Sold/scrapped Escort Bonus Nov '97
Bought my mum's 1986 Mercury Grey Ford Orion Ghia iNov '97 (beast!)
Sold Orion Sept '99, obtained lease car working for Council - Brand new Pug 206 XS 1.6 in China Blue.
Changed Lease car from 206 XS to 206 GTI (silver) October 2002.
Changed job, lease car returned, Company car obtained - VW Golf 1.9 TDI SE (Blue Graphite) in May 2004
Changed company car from Golf SE to Golf GT TDi (Steel Grey) 140 in May 2007
'Opted out' March 2009, bought Focus CMax (as per current machine)!

As for the future...

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Heres my list, I've been driving for almost 9 years.
1985 Mini Mayfair 998cc
1997 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6
2000 Citroen Saxo VTS 1.6
2004 MG ZR 105 1.4
2005 Honda Civic Sport 1.6
2004 SEAT Leon Cupra TDI 1.9
2008 Ford C Max titanium2.0 auto

The C Max is the best all round car I've had but my favourite was the Leon Cupra.

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1973 Mini 1000
1971 Escort 1.1
1971 Escort 1300 GT
Austin Maxi 1750HL
197? Triumph 2000
1975/6 Triumph 2500 PI Estate
Ford Granada Coupe Mk1 3.0 V6
Ford Capri 3.0 V6
Ford Cortina 2.3 Ghia
Cortina MkIII 1600 ( Replaced pathetic engine with 3.0 V6 I had refubished and tuned. Went like stink)
Chrysler Avenger 1500
Marina 1800TC
Ford Granada 2.8
Fiesta 1300 Supersport
Rover SD1 3.5 V8
Marina 1.3
Fiat 131 Supermirafiori Sport 2.0 Twin Cam
1971 Escort Mk1 2.1 Pinto
Renault 11 Turbo
Saab 99 Turbo
Honda 250 Superdream
Honda CBCB400 superdream
Saab 900 Turbo
Escort RS1600i
Rover 216
Kawasaki Z500
Yamaha XS750
Honda GL1000
Fiesta 1.1
Metro 1.0
Vauxhall Cavalier Commander
Audi 100
Sierra 1.8
Maestro 1.3
Subaru Legacy 1.8 AWD
Subaru Legacy GT
Honda FRV

That's as much as I can remember so far although I know there are more. I have had some really nice cars and then some truly awful cars.

Edited by: magepaster

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Hmm guess you are talking about me.
I have never owned a C-max granted but where does it say I would never own one? I like the C-Max and loved driving my Uncles when he had one. I would certainly consider getting a C-Max. Not having owned one I can't give opinions on them but where better to come to find out all the pros and cons of owning one? Would you go to acheese shop in order to find out how good fish was?

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I own a c max I have for two years now and I have been a member of this club for a long time now.

I currently am driving around in a Honda Frv.

I infact am driving around in magepaster honda frv as we are mates and it is his car I am currently using.

I think asking him why he joined it when he dont own a C max is a little sarcastic on your part.

magepaster has seen all the trouble I have had with my cmax .

Infact because of all the trouble I have had and am still having with the car he now has given me free use of his.

I think because of that he can comment on the c max because I own a c max and he has seen first hand the
I have had and continue to have with the car.

Remember this is a free forum meaning anyone can join it and if they choose to joinand then choose to join in witha discusion then that's there right.

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I didn't sayhe wasn't welcome I merely asked him to explain why he was stillhere! His first post finished with:

I considered the C-Max when looking for a car and was impressed when I test drove one. I chose the FRV due to it's superior cabin space and nice ride as well as it's classy feel.
Go and try one and see for yourself, you wont regret it.

Most people who belong to an owners club are there because they either have it or are prospective buyers looking for feedback so to come on here and say I thought about it and turned it down...fair enough it's your choice, but I wouldn't just have expected you to stay around. As I said it seemed counter intuitive hence why I asked.....

Anyway enough from meback to what cars people have had....

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Hereis my list of cars since 1999, not very exciting!!!!

1992 Vauxhall Nova 1.4 SRI (Fantastic 1st car)
1993 Ford Mondeo 1.6 LX
1995 Rover 214 SEI (Great car!)
1997 Audi A4 1.9 TDI SE
1995 Nissan Primera (Car Whilst at Uni)
1998 Peugeot 306 DTurbo (Pile of rubbish, had it 3 months)
2000 Seat Toledo 1.9 TDI SE (Last Uni car)
2008 Smart Passion 84bhp Turbo- Current
2005 Ford Focus C-Max 2.0 TDCI GHIA - Current

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Passed test in 1983.

Mk1 Escort N reg1100. 28,000 miles sold at 56,000 miles
mk5 Cortina V reg1.6GL 75,000 miles sold ad 92,000 miles
Mk 2 Fiesta XR2 D reg from new to 60,000 miles
MK4 Escort 1.4LX from 28,000 miles to 295,300 miles scrapped at MOT due to rust RIP
MK3 Fiesta 1.6D p E reg poppy plus. 55,000 milessold at 110,000 miles
Mk2 Mondeo Zetec 2.0 X reg at 84,000 and still going at 178,000 miles.

((( wife owns the c-max

service all my motors myself and all have been reliable.
only cars to break down was the cortina when the cam belt broke. Wipped of the head, and repaired it my self. those cars were sooo simple to work on.
and the XR2 once when a bit of grit ended up in the carb. not a bad track record for just over 1/2 a million miles

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Passed test in 2001 at 18 years old

First car was a Nissan Micra 1.0 16v Twister on a S Plate

Second Car was a Nissan Micra 1.0 E on a 03 plate which was so unrealible so traded it in for my third car and first blue oval car a Y plate Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec.

Fourth car was a Skoda Fabia vRS before I traded it in on Friday for the C-Max.

Inbetween I have driven the wife's Yaris and a focus 1.4.


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Here goes-

Triumph dolomite sprint-my dad gave it to me when i passed my test!
Ford Cortina mk5.
Mini 950
Vauxhall Astra 1.4
Peugeot 205 1.6 gti
Ford Orion 1.6
Ford Escort 1.6
Ford escort flight 1.6
Vauxhall zafira 2.0 gsi
Ford Focus C-Max tdci1.6

Best out of that list was the peugeot 205 gti-qulity motor closely followed by the Zafira which although was am mpv had lots of power/ good spec etc.

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Since 1988:-

Citroen 2CV - Fun car but fell apart :(
Opel Kadet 1.3 - died from multiple oil leaks after 18 months
Volvo 343 - The wife picked it, honest!
Ford Sierra 1.6 - awful car!! spent more time broken down at the side of the road than actually driving it!
MG Metro - Now that was an(other) uncomfortable car!
Montego VP efi - Loved that car
Nissan Bluebird Diesel - Drove to the Barcelona Olympics and back in that one. It more or less died afterwards tho
Peugeot 405 GTi - ABS failed on that one
BMW 520i - slowest car on earth
Citroen AX 1.5D - first brand new car
Suzuki Baleno - don't know how that one got in here
Fiat Punto JTD - a pretty good car actually
Hyundai Coupe - my second brand new car - divorce caused sale
(tears for the car)
Fiat Punto 1.2 - what a comedown
Smart ForFour 1.5CDi - drives like a go kart but without the comfort
Ford Focus C-Max 2.0 TDCi Ghia - so far so good
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