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what do you get to the gallon

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When it finally arrives I will hopefully have the ford C max 1.8TDI Zetec (manual)
and was wondering what the true miles per gallon you are getting on yours
especially round town
since I ordered it allI have seen do it the price of the diesel go up and up

my current car an automatic (not a C max) is about 28 to the gallon (Petro) and this seems pretty poor
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Our 1.6 TDCi gives 45+ just about whatever we do and is mostly at 50 even after a long journey with the a/C on to keep the condensation down on a very wet motorway journey

Even with increased diesel prices we are saving about £5 per 100 miles compared to our petrol focus (at 33MPG)
My 1.8 TDCi Zetec does about 45mpg. Not exceptional but I wanted the extra power and torque of the 1.8 diesel for towing a caravan.
Very pleased with MPG OF 47.2 ON 1.6TDCI after 2450 miles. Mainly return work journey of 22 miles per day, A roads and usual town driving, with a couple of Eastbourne journeys thrown in. This figure is the car computer figure as I keep forgetting to do the brim test. Have only reset computer once since purchase. Is there any point in resetting after every fill up? Have used Shell diesel from new, same with last car. Oil consumption is nil and am thinking of doing oil change soon, any recommendations for brand?
Halfords have their own 5L of 5W/30 that they say is to Ford specific spec for around £25 which they couldn't say if it wasn't I'm sure
Went for a 2.0 petrol Titanium. Mainly town driving. No known for being light of foot so no surprise that the fuel computer is telling me I'm getting 25.8mpg!!!!
That's ST focus mileage!
I have done about 1800 mile's now and the computer says I get 36.7mpg but working it out, what I put in and the milage on the trip, I am getting more like 44mpg
An easy rule of thumb for MPG calcs
If you get about 10 times more miles than the number of litres you put in then that is 45 MPG and for our petrol cousins I think 8 times is about 37 MPG
Im getting 50mpg out of my 1.8 tdci, thats just running 9 miles each way to work and back. On a run it goes up to 52/54 mpg. when shes pulling the caravan it drops to about 32 mpg, so even then its pretty good. mind you when she was new and pretty tight, I was only getting 40 or so mpg. A good run down to Cornwall pulling the van last year loosened her up a treat.
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So hopefullyI can look forward to my 2.0TDCi Titaniums' consumption improving from the 40mpg I am getting at the moment.
It has just 4000 miles on the clock on a 57 plate.
When will they start doing official figures in miles per litre? We just don't buy fuel in gallons any more, and I don't think any of us can adapt easily to the inverse litres/100km they use on the continent.
Thanks for the above comments though - I am thinking of getting a C-Max (or a Focus Estate if I can find one - they have even better official figures), and the info is very useful. For the record, I get about 8 or 9miles per litre in my 1.4 petrol 2000 Seat Ibiza. As Richard implies, x by 4.5ish to get mpg.
My 2.0ltr auto averages 22-23 mpg It is awful but worth every penny for the comfort when driving it.
I get lousy fuel economy on short trips with my 1.8TDCi. Only around 25-30mpg. I live in a hilly area though, so that will have an effect.

I can get around 50mpg long distance motorway cruising at 70, and I can get over 60mpg on very long trips if I stick to 55-60mph.
My C Max has done just over 6000 miles now and getting 45 mpg round town
My 2L TDCi has done 65k... I get minimum 52mpg (indicated!) on my mix of A-road and motorway commute. Can get over 60 driving like a nun, or 48 driving like Stig. Town driving absolutely trashes the figures. Cold weather causes a small dip I think.

I found I got significant improvements in diesel mpg by
- early change ups (although a bit of italian tuning seems to keep the engine/exhaust de-crapped
- Staying under 70 (remember the energy requirement rises with the square of the speed)
- Anticipation, so coasting up to obstacles/slow traffic without having to use the brakes as much
Thanks, any other ways of improving mpg I currentl get 50mpg on the motorway, will a disel cleaner or other? help improve mpg

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