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Just a quick message to welcome you all to the new CMAX Owners Club.

Since the CMAX has been completely redesigned and Ford have dropped the 'FOCUS' badge we decided now was the time we should start our own club!

Owners of the FOCUS CMAX are still very welcome here and will have their own forum section as well.

So welcome aboard and feel free to drop me a PM if there is anything you would like to see added or removed.


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I have picked up the excellent advice re Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve and could have saved my self the cost of a new battery ... as the first symptoms of trouble was poor starting ... then I found I was about 11 mpg down on my 2l. diesel consumtion. Finally the car stuttered on idling revs and I called the RAC and mechanic immediately tapped the EGRV and said it was sticking - new one on order but NEED ADVICE ON THE NOTE TO USE CD-42 OR A LATER VERSION on your Hesitations ... How to page.
I.m waitng to to hear from Fordpartsuk who give discount on part no. 1436390 ...is there a different part no for the CV-42 version ?
Walter Chinn
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