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Water ingress to boot

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Ive Just bought a 1.8 TDCI 2006 C max and I have found a water leak that leads into the spare wheel area from around the light ? at the drives side i took off some of the plastic covers in the boot but I am unable to get a good look at it, has anyone any ideas where it could be coming from, and a solution to the problem I checked all the rubber door seals and they seem fine. any help will be much appreciated.
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I've seen this before - it was mentioned on the Focus owner's club forums before they made the C-Max forum paid members only.

Someone had the same problem, and I think the water was getting in via a roof-rack mounting point.
I had a waterleak in the boot of an Escort once - strip the carpets etc out of the boot and get in it with a torch, get a second person to shut you in and pour water over the rear end with a hose pipe until you spot it!
Had the same problem, just cured by removing the hatch rubber and using non setting mastic as used in a caravan, resealed around the rubber and replaced it. sorted. The water appears to be tracking past the seal onto the plastic that supports the boot space cover. Just got to sort out the electrical problems now, probably alternater according to the dealer, good job its under warrenty.
Took delivery of a 2006 C Max last Friday (25th July) and seem to have your water problem. Did you ever find the cause. Mine looks as though it is getting under the rear spoiler and dripping on to the parcel shelf. Also leaking in the o/s rear of the boot and if left will go into spare tyre recess.
Again I would suggest the hatch seal and also check the seal around the O/S rear lamp unit and perhaps under the O/S/R arch wher the rear bumper fits on

Some plastic sheet trapped betwen the hatch in different places should also allow you to use a hose and check a bit at a time
Hi Richard,
Thanks for that, the car is under warranty so I have to go to the dealer on Tuesday (5/8) and see what they suggest.
Can you explain what you mean by The hatch seal?
Will let you all know the outcome of my visit. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Really pleased with the car although it is early days
Pity there is not more correspondence on the forum
Take care,
the rubber that comprsses to create a seal when the tailgate sguts against the rear of the body opening
Sorry,I`ve not had this problem so I can`t offer any ideas as fixing it,otherwise I`d have given you as much help as poss.Here`s hoping you get it sorted soon.Could you let us know how you get it fixed as I`m sure everyone would be most grateful to any help on this subject.
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Oh,welcome by the way.Pleased to have you with us.
Hi Richard,
Thanks for that, just never thought of the back door on the c max as a hatch

That seal seems to be sound, hopefully I will get some reasons at the garage on Tuesday.
I will keep Metalmickey and the forum up to date with any success and thanks MM
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i have a list a mile long of problems i have had with my c max i could tell you the solution to a good few problemsbut i dont have this problem just yet well not that i have noticed i will have to take a look next time it rains
i am sure lawe will have an answer
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mjshort79 said:
i am sure lawe will have an answer
Here (at last, dam work!)

One of these "tricks" that I read if you have a leak, is to sprinkle Talcum powder in the area that you think the leak is coming from.
Then wack a hose over the complete area and see if the leak drips onto the talc. Of course this will make the car smell nice as well and the rest of the talc can simple be hoovered.

Also with seals, and I did a post about this sometime back, when I first got my c-max, I used a silicone spray (and NOT WD40 as this will dry out very quickly) on all the rubber seals to prevent them drying out and to create a good seal. Available in Halfords and motor factors for around £4 a can.

Hope this helps a little and keep us upto date!

PS, Welcome

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Hi All,
Thanks for the help, will keep you informed of any? progress
Hi Folks,
Just returned from the dealer after they have fixed? my water leak. They reckon it was coming from the seal between the spoiler and the hatchback (the spoiler is bolted on). This would make sense for the leak onto the parcel shelf. They also reckon that the leak into the O/S space in the boot is caused by the water coming from the hatchback drain holes and filtering into the boot (this I am not convinced about) however time will tell if they are right. It's raining at the moment and the parcel shelf is dry, I do hope it rains all night for a really good check.
Sounds weird to me.We have just had a mega storm but as it`s dark now I can`t check mine till morning,though up to now I have had a dry boot.Here`s hoping it still is !
As the spoiler is fitted to the tailgate itself and the internal edge of the tailgate prodes a seal i'd tend to discount this for the parcel shelf getting wet. I'd more suspect the rubber seal where it fits to the body that the tailgate closes against (somewhere in the middle or just over either of the two hinges where it is difficult to tap home properly

I didn't know the tailgate had drain holes but even if it did then they ought to be external to the bottom rubber seal. Have you tried checking the seal arounf the O/S rear lamp unit and does it fit tightly to the body
Just had it's fist night of fairly heave rain and it is all dry (early days).
Yes the spoiler is bolted to the tailgate, however if there was a leak at on or more of the bolts it would drop on to the parcel shelf, running inside the trim.
Thereare four small drain holes in the tailgate.
I can find no problem with the rubber seal at all,I am pretty sure it is sound.
Thanks for all your help, time will tell if it's a cure.
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