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washer reservoir

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please help a newbie.my windscreen washers are not squirting and i can definatley hear the pump working which make me think i have a blockage somewhere(genius).i have cleared the nozzles etc and nothing.
could some one please tell me how to get access to the washer reservoir on a 04 1.6 tdci so i can have a look to see if there are any blockages in there.many thanks in advance
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Have you tried taking off the soundproofing under bonnet? Squeeze the clips together and pull each one out,when all off,lift off soudproofing sheet.You will see the wter nozzle pipe running along bonnet,check to see if they are all connected.To replace soundproofing,push the four tags back into place & just press each clip back in.Hope this helps.
The reservoir is I believe below the O/S headlamp with the filler being right at the back on the drivers side

Excluding the obvious question about water because this is when you normally hear the pump when it's got no water, Do the rear washers work?
thanks for the replies
1st i have tried taking off the soundproof mat and made sure the hoses were connected gave them a squeeze etc i even tried to disconnect a hose from the jet and i got a tiny trickle of water then nothing(yes i have filled it up
2nd the back jet isnt working aswell
when i try my washers im still getting the sound of what i assume is the pump.
so any other ideas blockages etc
thanks again
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I found the water reservoir underneath the front driverside wing you need to take the arch guard out to see it.
Hi, the washer pumps are an issue. Mine only whirred and dribbled when first collected from dealer. It turned out to be the pump which was replaced. They are prone to fail. My C-Max is a 54 plate. My dealer is sacked!!
The common fault on the washer pumps is the valve which switches between front to back washers stops working. The fault symptoms are identical to what you're reporting.
so i take it the valve needs replacing then?
is this a dealer job or can a d i y'er get his fingers dirty with. bering in mind my knowledge of anything car repair wise is ...well put it this way i could write it on the back of a stamp

i appreciate all the replies will keep you informed of developments.
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