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Vibration Through Steering Wheel & Floor

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Hi guys,

I am new to the forum so please be gentle!!

I am the proud owner (well the wife is) of a 54 (05) C-Max 2.0 TDCI Zetec, I collected it last Friday from a Ford dealer down south, when I got onto the motorway I experienced a small but very annoying vibration through the steering wheel and floor pan, this was at speed through 60-95 MPH and got worse, I thought that it may be the balancing as I did get them to rectify a small pull to the left after my test drive, the vehicle has covered 39,000 miles one owner from new etc, etc and I have spoken with the owner and he reported no problems prior to his part ex.

I then called the dealer and asked them if I could get it re balanced locally and they agreed to pay up to £50.00, in the end I took it back to the dealer to do and replace two tyres on the back (long story) and they replaced and swapped the back tyres to the front, I then drove home back down the motorway and it was even worse.

I have researched in the "tinternet" and there seems to be a few C-Max owners including Mondeo TDCI owners that have experienced this small vibration through the steering and floor pan and seems to have been sorted byan engine mount replacement.

My question is, have any of you had an issue like this and what did you do about it?

I get a tinggling up my arms and through my fingers and the seat shakes a little also, it is quite uncomfortable and seems very odd.... can you help???

I need to go armed with info to the dealer so that they take me seriously as I am sure they think I am making it up.

Thanks again.
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While I (in the wifes name though!) have the same car and engine, not had that problem at any speed (cough!!

You seem to have covered my first thought being wheel balance. Read in Auto Express that sometime the weight can sometimes fall off on alloy wheels.
You say that the dealer did the job and swapped the wheels as well.
Perhaps you could explain the problem to them and see if they are willing to for you to take it to a Independant tyre place to have tracking and balance done to see if they did it right the first time.
If not, then go with the internet opinion.

Oh by the way, hello
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Thanks for the info Lawe, yes I will try that, the dealer has been good and agreed to take back for a test and leave me a loan car, but it is not alwayseasy to comunicate info through third parties, I am sure it will come back with "can find no fault", and I do not really want to pay for this out of my own pocket to take elsewhare for diagnosis considering I only bought it 6 days ago.

I was hoping for a flurry of C-Max owners to say "yes I have the same problem"... we will wait and see eh? thanks for your input I realy appreciate a quick reply and you have done just that.

What brand of tyres are fitted?
I seem to remember hearing on one forum or another of tyres that went slightly out of round. This wouldn't of course show as a problem with balancing as that just relies on a centre fixing rather than contact with the road
Hi ya,

Dunlop SP were on the front and now the back, but have been replaced by newer Dunlop SP's on the front, SP's it was running on had about 5-6mm of tread so they were well worn in, the newer ones do feel different to drive on but I presume because they are new.

When I took it fora test drive one day before purchase, I did manage to get it up to speed 60-90 MPHbut did not notice the vibration then over a 5 min motorway journey but I perhaps did not notice so much as there were 5 of us inc children, wife and salesman and that may have masked the problem because of the extra weight.. clutching at straws on that reason really.

It is very odd.

Hi, I have the same thing but mine is a 2004 1.8 petrol, when I test drove it at the dealers i noticed it and asked it to be sorted, picked the car up and guess what? yes it's still there, i thought it may have been a warped or flattened alloy so i change all my wheels for a brand new wheels but still there?? i would go back to the dealer but to be honest i think they would not have a clue, i will take it to the place where i had the wheels fitted as they are specialist, your right though about driving you mad and it's extremely annoying....
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i have that problem with my c max at the momment i have fitted new wheels and i have a bad vibration through the steering wheel i went to kwik fit yesterday and they have told me my wheels need balancing

Thanks for your reply, it must be a common fault then maybe on 04/05 models, I will see what happens when it goes in for diagnosis, but I feel they will not find fault with it.

I take it you have had no luck in getting it sorted out by the dealer then?

Hi Mjshort79

Let me know how you get on, I bet Kwick Fit find something wrong with your tyres as they always seem to find problems that perhaps are not really there if you know what I mean, They are renound for up selling.....

I have had teh wheels balanced twice now so i am not sure if it is that unless I have a bad set of tyres as stated by RichardG.

The saga continues!!!


I've looked at the front half shaft section of the TIS disc and the only other areas they offer to check are the fitting of the external CV joint in the front hub and the wheel bearings.

they do also suggest trying to see if the problem reduces by "coasting" We have a 54 1.6 TDCi and I've not noticed anything like that YET!!!!
Hi Richard G,

Tried coasting at 70-90 on the M25 and it was still there but not as bad.

MMMM,mmmmm very annoying it is.
If i go back to the dealer he will blame the new wheels as they're not Ford but i know it's not the wheels as i had the vibration before i changed them.
So I will go down the specialist route and let you know if it gets resolved!

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Hi Bluemax,

Great if you could let me know how you get on, and I will do like wise, I am sure it is an engine mount or something, but you never know...
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Cheers Mjshort79

I have mine now going in next Wednesday and have told them not to bring it back until fixed... we shall see eh?
Hi all mines an 04 2.0 tdci no vibration yet (keeps fingers crossed) but a vibration giving tingling in hands is high frequency low amplitude ie things that go fast fan belt pulleys, halfshafts possiblyetc. Steering wheel shake is low frequency high amplitude ie unbalanced wheels. Hope this helps

Yes that makes sense, I have a whole book of possibles to give the dealeron Wednesday, I hope they take notice and sort it, as I like the car more than the Mrs does, and it is heres really!!!

Have a great W/end
o.m.g how many people have the same problem between us all we should find what the problem is and the solution hopefullyi will post what i am told when my car comes back on the 27th and i hope everyone else gets there problem sorted out
That's interesting. I've got a vibration problem that hasn't been solved by taking the car to several different tyre places. I've managed to get it improved, but it just isn't smooth any more.
Yes, I think it is engine mount, and I hope I prove my theory, one Ford dealer I called did say that he know of a few 2.0 TDCI C-max that had had either a recall on engine mounts or had engine mounts changed, but out of all the dealers I called and asked the same questions, not one said that it was a big problem but they all had heard that it could be an engine mount problem and were aware of some "issues" with vibration.

We shall see, as that is the path I am sticking to so hopefully I will prove this when it is repaired.

Will let you all know how I get on...
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