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Upgraded SYNC2 to SYNC3, having some issues

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Hey y’all, so my bf upgraded my 2013 SEL Hybrid nav system to sync 3. I believe he purchased the kit on Amazon, it was shipped from China. It works mostly great, except here and there the usb port will fail to connect and start CarPlay. I can usually fix it by shutting the car off until the screen turns off.

Has anyone else experienced this? I use CarPlay for navigation when I’m working, which is extremely helpful. Wondering if there could be a loose connection inside where the usb plug is. Thanks in advance!
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I would advise against using kits from China to upgrade SYNC 2 to SYNC 3. Even if they claim to work, many of these kits are sourced from junk yards in the USA, where they salvage broken screens, damaged main boards, or cars affected by accidents or floods. These components are then rebuilt and shipped out. Additionally, a lot of these kits use aftermarket USB ports, which can lead to further issues.

The fact that these kits somehow work can be seen as an achievement, but there have been numerous cases where people have been disappointed and wasted their money. Unfortunately, there is usually no way to get a refund or recourse. That's why I always recommend keeping the factory screen and upgrading to CarPlay. The original parts for a Ford Sync 2 to Sync 3 upgrade can be quite costly, but it's a safer and more reliable option in the long run.
If you are lucky, and there is no problem with your screen, you can probably fix your issue by changing USB cable and USB port.
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