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!!!!! UPDATE !!!!!!

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Well guys I went to ford today and purchesed a new rocker cover . I got a trade discount as the guy at the counter knows how much trouble I am having and I think he feels sorry for me. I also got new gaskets they come already fitted in the rocker cover.I then went and asked the mechanic who I have now become very friendly with how I go about fitting it he told me takeold oneoff and put the new one on that is all we would do. I asked him about talking the nuts andhe told me that ford dont talk them and told me just tighten them hand tight then give them one turn. He also told me if I have not tightened them enough I will see oil leaking out I then am to just tighten them a bit more. Well I have changed it now and all seems well drove it around came back and no leeks. I now just have to have air con clutch changed but that will have to wait. I wouldlike to say THANKYOU to everyone who repliedand offered help in the world nowadays that is rare and I apreciate it greatly. Oh and mickey I have your number soIf I need some helpI will bell you if that is ok. Once againTHANKS to everyone
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Not a problem about ringing.Glad you got some sort of result
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Cheers mate. I have stripped the old rocker cover. I have took all the bolts out so if it ever happens again I now have some bolts to replace it rather than having to buy the whole cover.
Lets hope you don`t have to!
Well atleast it is done nowand as I did it myself I know there are no scratches , dents , or bits missing. One other good thing is I had a little oil in my spark plugs a while back and was told the rocker cover gasket may have gone. I took it to ford and they were not very interested. I now have changed them so hopefully that will be another problem resolved or avoided.When I took the cover off I noticed a chain in the engine is that in replace of a belt ?.
Pretty sure it`s meant to be there .Maybe Richard G can help with this.
Little grey cells say one of the cams is driven by chain but can't remwmber where i saw this or why it is

Thought this thread would deserve a firework show!
Good news mate!
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Cheers lawe
. The car actually apart from air con problemseems to be running great now. I changed all the ignition coils as welland the car starts and drives alot better now. I also had an issue with oil in my spark plugs and was informed the rocker cover gaskets may have gone but ford were not very interested in helping me on that one.I now have changed the plugs and the gaskets have being changed with the rocker cover. I hope now I will have some trouble free motoring.
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