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hi i have a 2.0l tdci ghia and we will need some front tyres soon, has anyone got any suggestions as to a make and type as the dunlops on the front seem to noisey.
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I've got the Goodyear NCT 5's on our 1.6 TDCi which seem a reasonable balance between noise and that all important factor - grip they are however the 205/55 R16 incase that makes any difference
I have a 2.0 Ultima, she is currently wearing Continental Sport Contact tyres all round, 202/55 R17. They are quiet and comfortable and seem to last. Ive had them on since new, the car is 4 years old. They hold their pressure well too. Hope this helps.
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I have Avons on.Exellent grip both in dry & wet,very quiet too!
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