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Tyre wear

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Having just had the 1st (12,500 mile) service on my C-Max 1.8 TDCI Titanium, I was shocked to be informed that the front tyres were illegal as they only had between 0 & 1mm tread on the inside edges. [4mm across main width]The wheel alignment was (Toe -0 deg 06 L&R Ft. +0 deg 01 L Rr. & +0deg 04 R Rr.) So, I was presented with a quotation of £171 per tyre and £70 for alignment. Not what I expected from a 7 month old car! When I telephoned the Ford Help Line, I was told it was the way I drive, which I feel was a little harsh as I regularly achieve well over 50mpg.

Has anyone experienced similar tyre wear and what should be done to prevent it? The dealer said that it could be down to various things, hitting pot holes, the heavy diesel engine, increased torque, incorrect adjustment from factory,etc.

Otherwise the car is totally delightful
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First comment - Ouch
Second - 205/55 R16 tyres ought to be gettable for around £80 AT MAX - Well those are what is on my 1.6 TDCI on steel wheels
Third - There are various other post on here regarding tyre wear and front alignment including wheel bearings and wheel balance
Fourth - Presuming you've only done around 12K in the year then I wouldn't have expected tyres to wear that fast or not on the edge
Fifth - If it were the weight of the diesel or driving style then I would have expected it to be mainly on the center that it had worn
Sixth - If you take your hand of the wheel does it run straight without tending to pull to one side and when it does is the steering wheel in the straight ahead position as well?
The original tyres specified were Continental 215/50 x 17 W rated (extra load). The trouble being they are low profile and look like rubber bands around the wheel rim!

When driving in a straight line, the car never veered to one side when taking ones hand off the wheel. The steering wheel has always been positioned on centreSince being reshod and realigned the car 'feels' much improved though. Perhaps it was experience of the expense.

The 12.5k mileage was accrued from Mar-Oct this year, with over 75% on dual carriageways and motorways.

Many thanks for your first comment - quite true
there have been many previous comments about the wear rate of the continental tyres
As Richard said,you can get 205`s under £80.Try
I got 2 Avons for the front of mine for £141,fitted & balanced.These guys are GOOD.They come out to you & are no hassle.Mine were done in under 20mins
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I have finally replaced all four of the Mix and match tyres I had on mine for Kumho KU31 91V

In total £176 for all four. The road noise is nil and the grip in all weathers is superb.
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That`s very good indeed.Is that one of your wheels? If so I went em
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I wish they were mine!
I have the "standard" c-max alloys on mine... a right pain in the bum to clean!!
i have just got rid of a mk4 mondeo 2 litre petrol and that wore out the front tyres in less than 10000 miles !!!!!!!!! , now i have a 1.8 tdci titanium and wonder how long they are going to last , mind you it is motability and the tyres come free so i aint overly bothered
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As is my want I did a little digging for tyre prices and found this

you may be a little disapointed to find that you could have had a "premium brand" for £95 fitted (By the way the "W" is the speed rating not the load)
Richard G said:
As is my want I did a little digging for tyre prices and found this

you may be a little disapointed to find that you could have had a "premium brand" for £95 fitted (By the way the "W" is the speed rating not the load)
the OP has been stung by main dealer prices , no doubt about that !!!!!!!!!!
I had a brand new Ford that scrubbed out the front tyres on the insidein the way you describe in a few thousand miles.

In my case the tracking was miles out as the car came from the factory. I suspect your car is the same. I didn't get anywhere with Ford whaen I said it was their problem. Best of luck if you try and say so. OnceI got new tyres - from a tyre dealer, not Ford - and the tracking sorted the tyre life was much better.
My current car (1.8TDCi Zetec) has clocked 8000 today without serious wear on it's Michelins. However my previous Focus C-Max wore its original Conti fronts out at 13000miles. Company car but I ain't no leadfoot. Probably 500 miles with a caravan on the back though.
After contacting my local Trading Standards department, they suggested I wrote to Ford Customer Services Department, quoting Sale Of Goods Act 1979. Ford responded that after being in contact with the supplying Dealer, they would not take further action as 12,500 was consdiered an acceptable wear rate and they could not see any evidence of a manufacturing fault. On talking to Continental Tyres today, they suggested that 12,500 was normal tyre wear for a sports tyre, as new tyres grip better in the wet nowadays, but did not last as long. They said that if there was between 3 - 4 mm tread left on the tyre for most of the surface and only 1mm on the edge, the tyre may have lasted another 6000 miles before needing replacement. Also they said shop around as Tyre Dealers and Garages will always sell for the highest price and always investigate the internet (fully fitted) prices.

Ford gave the appearance they were not interested in the slightest. I felt I would have received a more sympathetic 'ear' from Tescos!

If I decide to keep the car, I am going to check if changing the whole vehicle tyre/wheel set to more conventional 'less low profile', would provide more mileage.

It is a pity there are no guides on tyre wear to be viewed prior to purchase, similar to the energy effiency guide that rates from A to G.
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Do new tyres start with 8mm of tread on the outer and inner edges as well as the center of the tyre?

At the free 1500mile check offered by Ford my tyres are already down to 7mm on the center part of the tyre and 5mmon the inner and outer edges.
On that basis I will need new tyresin another 7500 miles
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I would check the pressures if I was you and perhaps a tyre dealer to confirm the following

In the inverse of overinflation causing the tyre to wear more in the centre under inflation causes it to wear on the shoulders more (If I remember correctly)
Richard`s spot on with his diognosis about tyre pressures.
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