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Tyre wear

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My 2.0 litre dieselC Max will need new tyres this week.

i have done 20,000 miles on them, is this the norm as to other owners out there.

Luckily the rear ones seem fine.


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Front tyres will wear quicker than rear ones because of the more weight up front
given that there is significant discussion on tyre wear. Which brand are they?

20.000 miles on a front set is above average. Is this mainly without any steering action so as to cause more sidewall flexing?
Motorway driving is no where near as damaging as inner city driving, less steering and acceleration, the latter being the most damaging requiring more grip
actually the most damage to front tyres is caused when using power steering whilst stationary
14,000 miles for fronts, 20,000 for rears for me.

And once I'd had the fronts replaced I had a terrible time trying to get them balanced properly.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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