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I thought that i would post my experiences that i have had with tuning boxes for my 2.0 tdci.I started off buying the Synergy tuning box from Tuning-diesels.com for £160ish delivered because i had heard good reports from rover owners who they were first designed for. I fitted it to the car but i couldnt feel an alot of difference, which left me dissapointed, but as Ron (the chap who sells them) does a 30 money back guarentee, i thought that i would leave it on for a while.
Well after a few week, i could see that the low down torque had improved, but i think that i was expecting a lot more after reading reviews about the differance that they can make.
So, i decided to try the tunit tuning box, which i know a few members on here have had and praise highly, and i thought that being 3 times the new price of the Synergy it should be alot better and make more of a differance. So i managed to get one from ebay for £250 which was one that had been traded in, and it came from tuneit themselves.
Anyway i fitted it to the car and... to my dissapointment, it didnt feel any different to the synergy tuning box.
I think that i had a lot higher expectations of these boxes, than the results they actually give, dont get me wrong they do make a difference, and after driving around with the box on different settings, and with it turned off, i can say that they do improve the low down power, and much they power delivery smoother when revving the engine, it has also smoothed out some flat spots that the car had when accelerating, but for me i was hoping for a lot more, but then someone else may fit one and think zzz, what a differance.
So after buying the 2 boxes, the synergy for £160, and the tunint which is £450 new, i can honestly say that there is no differance between them. and if you are thinking of buying one, i would recommend getting the Synergy box and say £300, it comes with a 5 year warrenty, and i can be transfered to your next car if you want to.
I thought i would give this write up because i was in two minds wether to buy one or not, and wasnt sure how much to spend on one, so i hope this will help anyone wanting to buy a tining box.
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