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I want to know if any other C-Max owner has been offered the same value for their C-Max as I have been. I have a C-Max 1.6 Style on an 07 plate ( 1 year old at end of July 08, we bought it brand new), it hasnow done 7000 miles and I paid £9995 with £600 extra for alloys and metallic paint (£350 ), yet when I enquired about a trade-in value, I was offered £6500 maximum.

It is day-light robbery, and it was the same salesman who sold me the car in the 1st place,.

anyone else had the same loss in value with a C-Max??
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Try - http://www.fleetnews.co.uk/FleetData/RunningCosts/for some really depressing costings about how much cars lose in their first year even at the best of times. You are probably looking at around 30 p per mile depreciation averaged out over a 3 year 45,000 mile average life for the CMax range and more than a third of that will be in the first year

Unfortunately the best deals in vehicles are either when they are just 1 year old or just after they are three years old AND HAVE a CURRENT MOT
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