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Traction Control

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I have a 2004 2.0l Tdci and am finding in wet conditions the wheels slip when accelerating even gently. Does anyone know if this this can be fitted as an aftermarket option.

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What tyres have you got on it? The original tyres that were fitted to C-Maxs are aload of £$%^. I had some Bridgestones fitted on mine and it solved the problem. Loads of grip.
 I've noticed  a similar thing with my 2.0 05 ghia but I thought i was imagining it. I can't remember the road condition but I have a feeling that it was not just in the wet. The front tyres are Goodyear Eagle NCT 5 with more than enough tread.  Not sure how many miles they've done as they were on car when we bought it.
I`ve got Kumhos on mine ok in the dry and ok in the wet at speed but not brill for settingoff from a junction in the wet lots of wheel spin torque steer.
I have Avons on my 2.0 TDCI,they were on when I bought it 12 months ago and will need replacing soon.Definatelly go for the same again.Good balance of grip in wet and dry,plenty of feedback through steering wheel so I can get plenty of confidence in cornering & acceleration especially in wet.

Thanks for those replys. I hace bridgestone directional tyres on the front which were there when i bought the car. will change for a diffrent make when they need replacing
i've had the NCT 5 on the front of the last few cars i've had including a 2L Cavalier SRi and can't remember any case of severe wheel spin in any conditions just off hand

They are on the front of our 1.6TDCi and don't give me any concern about "tram lining" even in the wet
Would a limited-slip differential help? I know they're available for the Focus, and it might help prevent you spinning your wheels quite so much
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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