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Has anyone had expirence towing with their C-Max?
I'v never towed before but i'v just bought a folding camper and i'm looking forward to driving my new C-Max and loads of camping trips
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I have just bought a 2.0 tdci c- max for towing a caravan and believe me it is a superb tow car.It pulls like a train and handles really well and i am getting about 35 mpg which i dont think is to bad.However the 6th gear is useless when towing!!
Hope this helps
Thanks for that, if it pulls a caravan that well towing a folding camper would be a breeze
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Hi KR, I also tow a 17' caravan (MPTLM 1250kg) with my 1.8TDCi Zetec, best towcar I have ever used. As my username implies this is my second C-Max. It will tow on flat and minor inclines in 5th gear.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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