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Torque and Power

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Dear all,
first of all let me greet everybody as I'm a newcomer in the forum... hello!

Now I would like to propose you a question: as I'm selling my Corolla Verso 2.2D, I am now on the point to choose the natural successor: should I go for another Verso or should I buy a very stylish C-Max 2.0 diesel?
I have seen that power is not different, but I cannot find any power/torque chart to compare with my current engine... moreover C-max consumption is lower than the Jap!
I know, I'm a car freak... but mommy made me like this!

Does any of you know were I can find these power/torque graphs for diesel engines? I'm afraid that C-Max torque is not as linear as the Verso is...
Thanks in advance!

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Hi & welcome,one thing that`s much better in the C-Max is the boot space!There`s loads more.Also mpg is far better.As for a graph I can`t help but Richard G should be able to help.
Over to you Richard:-
Only ½ help at the moment
I can only finf the curves for the 1.6D & the 1.8P at present on the TIS disc
Thanks a lot anyway!
I can wait.. on monday I will have a drive test with the 2.0D, I will try to ask the dealer for some more papers, but if you find something in the meanwhile I will be happier!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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