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Hello fellow c-maxers l have Just received my new Titanium 2.0tdci on motability. So far i`m very pleased with it.
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not bad for a freebie
Hi Mark!
I'm pleased your enjoying your C-Max, I'll be ordering a 2.0 automatic petrol next month on the motability scheme, there a great car and the test drive I had was superb.

As for it being a freebie, It could'nt be more further from the truth as the advance payment is quite high and it cost £180 a month for the next 3 years.
Very far from a freebie the advance payment on mine was £1600.
wow gordon brown is doing wright by some people makes a change happy motoring
could you tell me if you get the log book when your on motability
No the log book stays with motability.
no way you pay all that money and they keep the log book i hope you both enjoy your new cars and have trouble free motoring you deserve to when they are taking all that money off you and sorry about freebie comment it was not meant to offend
My CMax is an ex-motability.  Before I could collect it from my local garage they had to wait for the log book to arrive.  When it did, they took it to our local DVLA office to get it changed back to a diesel car.  It was also registered to Motability and not the name of the driver.
my car is ex motability and my car has the lady who had it before me on the log book and i tell you it is the worst car for relibility i have ever owned it went inyesterday and now needs new air con rad new air con pump had new one about 3 months ago and the rocker gasket has now gone meaning i have oil in my spark plugs and when i got it the cars paint work was terrible i have had to have half the car resprayed and i hear they charge a fixed fee for each panel that has damage on when it is given back they obviously dont use that money they take off people to repair the car
at least the advance payment has come down now
three year ago when we looked at getting a max on motability (2.0tdci ghia)they were wanting five grand advance payment, so we ended up getting one used

thats terrible i was under the impression motability was there to help people who cant get around for whatever reasonget around and thats why you are given the option of having a car wow what they give you with one hand they obviously take back with the other
I bet the Titanium really nice, I could not afford to go to that and went for the zetec 18TDI
£550.00 + weekly TA
I would have liked a automatic but again the extra cost and also the extra fuel the automatics use
I am hopingI can just use the arm rest, to help me change gear
hopefully get it Thursday after ordering march
Yeah my Titanium is very nice.. very pleased with it. It should have been £1450 advance payment but we had the bluetooth on it, so that took it to £1600. I looked at the Zetecs but i didnt like the arangements with the hand brake etc.. too low. perfect excuse to go for the Titanium. lol.
The 2.0 auto zetec has gone from £550 advance payment last month to £750 now. grrrr
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