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Temperature never hits the middle section of gauge

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Hi Guys,

when driving around on a mix of motorways and town roads i've noticed the temperature gauge never gets into the centre section of the gauge. It stops right on th eborder.

Is this normal and if not, what should i do about it?


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Well mine goes up to near the middle so not sure what may be wrong with yours?
You could see if the needle is sticking by testing all the needles in the test mode.
With the car switched off, press and hold the mileage tripreset button and switch the key to position II. This hould put the car in test mode and the first thing it will check is all the dials. They should all sweep fully to the right and then back then reset to normal.

If that does not work, could be the sensor.
Or the thermostat sticking partially open. Or you have a slight airlock in a part of the system. Do both radiator and heater get any heat to them at all

you could always try just letting it idle for a while till the electric fan cuts in to check that the whole system will get up to temperature and then see where the needle is (it ought to be more than ¾ up the scale
Thanks guys. I guess there is something wrong then. It appears to get up to temperature ok as the heaters get pretty hot.

Do both radiator and heater get any heat to them at all
Sorry, i'm not sure what you mean?
You've answered the heater part above. does the radiator also get hot if you touch it and can you get the whole thing hot enough for the engine cooling fan to start
the needle from the temperature gauge should not reach the center of the gauge (vertical position). is should stay a little to the left from that position.

the reason is that when the temperature approach the middle of the range, the radiator's fan is started.
No the engine fan should not come on till about ¾ the way up the gauge
this is a picture with my gauges (on a different forum, a romanian one) : http://www.clubford.ro/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9132

The needle doesn't go higher then that and I am sure that this is the position where the fan starts because the engine is warming fast until that position thenthe temperatue remains the same.
Hi Guys,

I havent touched the radiator so cant comment although i'll take it out for a spin at lunch and test it. I've noticed that mine seems to sit right on the 1/4 line mark and doesnt go any higher than this.

Its still under warantee form the garage a bought it from so i'll take it back there for a fix.
Hi, did you find a solution to this issue? Just bought a 05 1.8 Zetec and seem to have the same problem with the temp gauge.

In all these cases has anyone let the engine idle once warm until the engine fan cuts in and then noted where the temperature gauge needle is. If this is before the gauge goes into the red and when the fan switches off the gauge is back down to the normal position then it probaly doesn't matter because you then know whenthe gauge is indicating a temperature related problem
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