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To be honest, I'm a little envious of owning SYNC4.it supports both wired and wireless ‌CarPlay‌, offering maximum flexibility for phone integration. Wireless setup is simple, requiring only a quick pairing confirmation via Bluetooth before the Wi-Fi connection is made.
I stumbled across this little plugin that solved my troubles.It works well with my car, no issues so far. It converts wired CarPlay and Android Auto to wireless. I am satisfied with is that no longer needs to be plugged into the car, freeing up the phone. The setup is easier and the re-connection is pretty fast. Playing videos and movies, and mirroring the screen to the dashboard is what I am most satisfied with.
For SYNC3 owners who want to use wireless CarPlay and AA, I recommend you to use it. I would love to share this item and the price is reasonable. Now they have a 15% discount. It's definitely worth it! If you are interested, you can try it
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I ordered carlinkit 4.0 and it worked perfectly for two months. It only cost me $89. The website's after-service is very good. When I encountered a problem in use, they quickly gave the corresponding solution, very professional.
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