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Sun Blinds

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Just bought 57 plate C-Max LX, and so far loving it.

Wondering if anyone knows if I can have the integrated sun blinds fitted to my rear doors?? Having them factory fitted wasn't an option as the car was already built.

I've seen the kits you can get which include tail gate blinds as well as for the rear doors. how do these fit? Are they integrated?I'm looking for something that covers the entire window but at the same time looks neat and not an after thought!

Can anyone help? Point me in the right direction?
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I have the Ford kit,it covers all rear windows & tailgate.Ford UK want just under £100 for it plus vat & del.I got mine from
They are £12 cheaper.They fir really well and cover entire window area.
Window tint all round on the back (behind the B pillar to be legal and safe) will cost about £175.00- £225.00 inc VAT for a quality job, and you cannot see in the car if you ask for Limo Black, but be warned it make the rear seating area very dark and a bit of a pain to park especially at night, but well worth it for privacy and anti theft and a nice neat job with no blinds to break or get broken by kids etc.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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