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Steering wheel

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New member here. I have a 1.8 Ghia (04/04)and wonder if anyone can help me with a question.

I noticed that the cruise control buttons on the wheel do not light up at night. Is this normal or doI have a problem?

It's really annoying when on the motorway as i cannot see which buttons to press.


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Stoop, they don't light up on mine either! The only help is that there are dimples on the SET button so you can feel which button is which. Question from me, does your cruise control light on the dash come on when you press the ON button or when you press SET? The book says it should come on when ON selected, mine doesn't, only comes on when SET pressed.

Cheers for that. I'll have to 'feel' my way around it then and try to commit it to memory.

The light on my dash only comes on when I press 'set'. The 'on' button appears to have no use at all -lol.

It's the weirdest cruise control I've ever had and it's a bit of a lottery at night really. Shame because that's when the motorways are quietest.

I have to keep my bl**dy foot still! Wish I'd spent the £200 on the option!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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