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Hiya all. Recently bought a 1.8 Ghia and at around 35mph a noise starts from the back end (although it is present but not very loud at lower speeds). Best way I can describe it is a very deep humming - but loud enough to be annoying when driving. Some days it doesn't seem so bad as others. The weird thing is that the note andsound level does not change with extra speed - it is for instance a C# at 76db no matter what speed above 35 - below that you can hardly hear it.

Took it back to the dealer as after reading stuff on here about the electronic brake sticking etc - but they checked it out and nothing wrong. Brakes not sticking or dragging, not the wheel bearings they say - they just said that it is the spoiler noise.

I am not so sure - I can't see any manufacturer making a car that sounds this loud at speed. Any ideas. I am hoping to get a ride in a neighbours car over the weekend so that I can compare the noise, but any help would be appreciated.

I also posted this on the all new focus forum by accident, but thanks to all who reply
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