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spare tyre for new cmax

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just purchased a 08 1.8 tdci very happy with the car, but it has no spare wheel (why?), just a puncture repair kit. Im travelling to France this year and dont fancy driving on a silicon filled tyre until I can find a replacement. Can any one suggest a space saver or where to get a proper spare wheel/tyre. Look forward to suggestions.

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Recently purchased a 57 plate 1.6tdci from a ford dealer which had the repair kit in the boot. AsI wasn't happy with this facility he willingly replaced it with a space saver wheel, jack and brace.(maybe a small price to pay for a sale)
However, I thought that this was a no cost option on a new car but feel that the spare is not Fords choice unless asked for.
Could you go back to the Dealer?
My 06 plate car came with a spacesaver tyre. Good thing too, as my rear passenger side tyre got cut by a piece of debris a few months after I got it, and because the cut was in the sidewall there's no way a puncture kit could have repaired it.

I'd get back in touch with the dealer and ask them to swap the kit for a spare, especially if they didn't take the time to point out to you that no spare was supplied.
We had our new Cmax turn up with no spacesaver even though I told them to include it in the order, I sat in the dealership until he fished one with jack and brace out of another car.
Recommend to allmaking an order, make sure this no charge option is ticked.
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