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I have recently brought a 2nd handFORD Focus CMAX 54 Reg with the Sony 6CD radio fitted. I would be very grateful if any one could help me out with a couple of questions I have as no amount oftime spent reading the manual seems to help!

1. Whenever I switch the engine on and the Radio starts up,the Sony unitflashes up "Not Configured" before it goes onto the radio station or CD. Any one know why this is and how to correct it?

2. Another issue with setting the clock/date on the unit. I have read through all the previous posts on how to set them but the problem I have is slightly different. I press the menu button and it brings up the date/clock format but the digits never flash meaning I can't alter it with the volume control. Any suggestion?

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I had a quick Google on the "not configured" part of the question
Do you have any other input device added to the unit that is not properly installedas this is suggested as part of a problem

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Also just found this which may not be exactly relevent but it still might be worth a check with a dealer for the info

Re:Ford (Sony) 6 CD system error

Thanks for the reply Reg,

I've just found out that this is a known problem. Spoke to my local dealer
who said that information has been circulated by Ford and it only happens if
there are 6 CDs in. I took it in to the dealer who removed unit,
disconnected power and reconnected (free of charge). CDs could then be
ejected and it is fine again but should only be used with no more than 5
discs. Sony are looking into it but haven't come up with a fix as yet.
As you said you were going to remove and reconnect powere supply you may
have resolved the problem temporarily but be aware that it can happen again
if you put 6 CDs in. Try contacting your dealer to see if they know any


Chris K

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news:[email protected] ..
> It looks as though this could be a common problem. My changer has done
> exactly the same thing after two months of use. It looks as though the
> unit is no better than the old Ford unit it replaced (I had 3 swapped out
> 3 years). I am going to see if removing the power supply and reconnecting
> will make any difference!
> Reg R
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