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Hi all,

Whilst I have been reading the posts for the past 2 years this is the first time I have actually posted one myself and unfortunately it will probably be one of my last.

I sold my Cmax 1.6 TDCi CVT auto after finally getting cheesed off with Ford dealers responses to my trying to solve smoke problem whenever I pulled away or accelerated (no- it wasn't the EGR!)and treating owners as if they know nothing and are idiots there to be fleeced of as much hard earned money as possible; wanting to charge extortinate prices tojust to try things when really they didn't seem to have a clue as thediagnostics showed no relevent fault codes. If it is not on their screen they are lost,where have all the mechanics with their expertise gone?

Also after reading horror stories about failures of CVT autoboxes and Fraud virtually washing their hands of the problems - driving around praying that a little light did not appear that meant a £4k bill had become very stressful.

It's a shame because I liked the car and apart from the smoking which started 4 months ago it never let me down, it was comfortable, good to drive and hadloads of room for people and luggage.

Anyway we have to move on, in my case this was a moveback to one of the best cars I ever owned - a Rover 75 2.0 CDTi Connoisseur SE Auto saloon smooth and much less stressful, excellent on long jouneys abig boot but then it's a much larger car!

[MOD EDIT: For Sale Items removed Please see this thread HERE for details]

I hope I haven't frightened any CVT owners - we only hear about the ones that fail but then it could be you next!

Carry on enjoying a really good car - shame about the dealer set up though!

Near Neston
South Wirral.

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