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Software Updates

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Hi to all

Can anyone advise me on the best wayto get a software update done on my C-Max? I have the fairly well-known problem whereby the RDS clock on the standard Ford cd/radio randomly resets the time and date whenever the key is put in the ignition. Not a huge problem, I know, but annoying all the same.

A bit of research suggests that the instrument cluster requires a software update, so I contacted Ford, who were useless (you'll have to speak to your dealer); 2 local Ford main dealers I've contacted apparently know nothing about this, despite me quoting the 2 Ford TSB's on this problem. My local garage has told me that any updates will have to be carried out by a Ford dealer as only they have the specialise diagnostic equipment.

Has anyone encountered this particular problem? If so, how did you solve it?

Any advice gratefully received
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As dar as I am aware via ford deler is the only way
It may be you have to get Ford to confirm with a dealer local what they have to do. You can't be the only person affected
After numerous visits to my Ford dealer with problems like this, my recomendations are:

1. Ford dealers like to see a fully stamped up main dealer service record
2. Book the car in with a very general description of the problem
3. Book the car in for the fault you want corrected andNOTHING else
4. When you take the car in explain the problem and offer up a printed version of the TSB. Don't tell them their job though.
5. Bear in mind the people booking cars in and on the service reception are probably not technical and they spend all day with unhappy customers. Winding them up will not help your cause - you're trying to get a clear message for the technicians behind the scenes - who aren't allowed to speak to customers but can solve your problem.
I have also heard of leaving printed copy of the problem somewhere the technician may be tempted to read it but not really hidden
Cheers for the advice guys

The problem I have is getting the dealer to initially understand what the problem is, and then being able to book the car in to have the updates done. I phoned the dealer again today, only to be told "anything like this can only be done when your vehicle is here for a service, sir".

The car is not due for a service, so as its not too far from the house, I'm going to visit the dealer tomorrow and hopefully bang some heads together
to get this sorted.

Will keep you posted.
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We had this problem with the radio reseting itself,when we bought our 53 cmax last year from a ford dealer. It was not a software update but a ford modification. This still didnt solve the problem so they relunctantly swapped the radio/cd player and its not been a problem for a year.
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Went to the Ford dealer yesterday, the service receptionist did not have a clue what I was talking about. I realise that these people are not technically-minded, but I thought (wrongly) that they could do a bit better than a just a blank expression

Eventually after a bit of persuasion, I managed to speak to a technician. The guy couldn't have been more helpful, took a look at my C-Max andsaid that, although he hasn't seen this particular problem for quite a while, it is a known problem. Told me that its quite an easy fix which does require a software update to the instrument cluster.

Apparently, the vehicle's clock is in the instrument cluster. The radio's RDS clock updates itself from this, however a known glitch in the original software results in theRDS clock resetting every time the ignition is switched on. Basically, the software update removes the RDS clock function from the instrument cluster and restores it to the radio itself, so that the correct time is maintained from the radio signal

Only downside is that it'll cost me an hour's labour (£85
) if I want it done. Bit expensive for a clock, so I'll have a think about it in the meantime.
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If this was originally a Ford (equivalent to a recall ) problem then should it not be free of charge. Perhaps now you;ve got the dealer to know what it was it's time to get ford to cough up for the labour

You could also try that "as it should probably have been done before you bought it why wasn't it" line with Ford especially if it has any Ford Dealer service stamp in the book
Hi Richard

That's what I thought, however both Ford and the dealer have told me that because the car is beyond the 3-year warranty period (its a 2004 car), and also because it wasn't a safety recall, then its chargeable

The car does have a Ford service history, however because this wasn't a recall, then it would only be sorted during a service under warranty if the customer mentioned it at the time

Still thinking about whether I want to spend £85 on a clock
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Hi, I had the same problem with the clock. My 53 Plate 2.0TDCI broke down after I had it only about 10 days. It was the dreaded EGR valve problem. Given that I got it second hand from my local dealer it was under warranty. When they replaced the EGR and the starter motor I collected the car and realised that the clock had been sorted too. I had not even mentioned it to the dealer but they fixed it none the less. I had assumed that they had run updates as a matter of course. It is keeping perfect time now, well done that technician...
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Have you tried turning the clock RDS time function off? I have had some strange activity with the clock on my 2.0TDCi 2004 C-Max and now run with the clock on RDS OFF. Might be worth a try (and cheaper than 80 quid!).
I am not sure but I think this option is missing from some units. I looked for it before mine got sorted and could not find it. Perhaps you could locate it within the menu and let us know exactly where it is. This will also confirm my thoughts about the fuction being missing in some units. I looked for it for about an hour without success.

2004 CMax 2.0TDCi Zetec. Radio/CD is Ford 6000CD

You need to be on the FM wavelength (so that the RDS time signal can be picked up). This is important because if you are on MW the RDS time option is not on the menu.

Press and hold the Menu button for a few seconds to get the second menu set.

Press Menu button to scroll through the following items:

TA >> AF >> Vehicle ID >> Clip Detect >> Clock 24/12hr >> RDS Time On/Off

Hope this helps. I have always found setting the radio a bit of a black art.
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Cheers for that, I will try it ASAP.Unfortunately my Cmax is in the shop being looked at for a funny sound which aint there when I press the clutch in. I expect its clutch related.

Anyway, I an almost positive that those menu options are not available in mine, the next option after Clock 24/12hr on mine is to set the time and date. Strange eh? I will have a look though and report back my findings.

Once again thanks.
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