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Silly engine question

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Can i ask? What engine is in the 2.0tdci? Its not the common rail type is it?

My Mondeo 130 tdcihas the common rail but this rail isn't at the front of c max engine.

Is it the old tddi rebored or chipped?

Is the engine in my C max lesser of an engine than the engine in my Mondeo.

And lastly i have a tuning chip in the box fitted to the end of my common rail. Will this work on the C max and if so where would i fit it too? Can't get hold of the tuning chip people till tomorrow.


Thanks in advance. But these are questions that i need answers to.

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2.0 TDCi is a common rail engine. It's a joint development between Ford and PSA. The same engine is found in various Peugeot and Citroen cars, which are made by PSA.
The Diesel pump is driven from the rear camshaft and is on the top right of the engine , the common rail runs from there around the front of the engine.
I had a look under the bonnet of one of a peugeot 407 today and the engine was identical.
can someone please tell me if you can get a tuning chip for a petrol engine.
I sure you can, I'll have a trawl through google/other forums tonight and let you know what I find.
Assume that it is for better reliability/MPG etc rather boy racer power?!
Are you sure you want to tune it or just kill it completely.From what I can gather,if you chip it,it will probably CHIP you back,big style!
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