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Should I worry about buying a 53 2.0TDCI?

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Hi all

Just joined as I know these forums are hugely helpful with a lot of knowledgeable people around!

I'm looking to buy a CMax and have seen a 53 plate 2.0 TDCI. Looks good value but am concerned about the various hesitation, limp mode, egr issues. Are these as widespread as it would seem - or have these been ironed out by now on a 53 car?

Many thanks - looking forward to joining you as a fully fledged owner . .
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hi mines an 04 2.0 tdci and i have a rattle and drivers door lock doesnt work other than that its ok at the minute I think if these cars have probs by now most places know what it is and how to fix it.
Hi ya!
Mine had that issue at low speed a couple of times.
Since then, I have put a bottle of injector cleaner and use Millers fuel on every fill up and so far...

I think that it helps giving the car a long blast on the motorway once a week as this will clear it out if using the car on mostly town driving. For me, this is no problem, being that the M3 is close to me and that my young boy wakes up at stupid o'clock, teething etc.. and the only way to get him to sleep is going for a drive!
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Hi there

So - thanks for the responses. After reading through other comments - and accepting that the car will only be doing short journeys for the majority of the time, I have now bought a 1.8 Zetec C Max - seems more fitting for what we need!!

Still - I am definitely joining the C Max crowd

Thanks again
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