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Should I buy a C-Max?

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I am looking to upgrade my wife's eight year old Scenic with a C-Max. However, internet searches have revealed several sites full of tales of woe about the reliability of C-Maxs. Should this deter me? I am looking to buy a low mileage late 2006 1.8 petrol version (mainly because I have seen a nice example). Reports suggest the fuel consumption is down in the low 30s, rather than the 39.8 quoted by Ford. Does anyone have a view on this? Edited by: revesby
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When searching for any car, you will mostly find problems as most never post about good things.
In one way, that is a good thing as it lets you know what to expect.
We bought a 2.0 TDCI 54 plate Ghia diesel and so far have been very impressed with it.
Took the whole family (2+2) and full collection of luggage on a 275 mile trip without the use of a luggage rack and it was very smooth with 50+ MPG using the cruise control.
Around town I get anywhere between 28 + 35 depending on the right foot.

I would say, go and have a test drive!
Thanks - I have already test driven three different variants, and in general am impressed with the seat versatility (I have no need for 7 seats), build quality, comfort and above all, the drive. 1.6. petrol is a bit feeble, though, but the 1.8 seems better. Diesels probably better engines, but prices seem much higher, and as it will do probably no more than 8,000 miles a year, I wonder whether the better fuel consumption will be worth it. On the other hand, some have said the1.8's fuel consumption is low 30s.

Still not sure whether I should go with my heart (I really like the car, in Ghia trim) or my head - i.e. go for something with better stated reliability - the JD Power survey also questions the C-Max reliability.
Engine wise will depend how those 8000 miles are done.
If mostly motorway, then I would go for a Diesel IMHO.

As for reliability, I too read before buying but the car I bought was just a real bargain. Yes high miles but a full and documented Ford dealership service history and great condition swung it for me.
Yes, I have had a small problem, but I think was because the diesel needed a good blast out on the motorway rather than School/shopping runs
But so far....... touching wood etc!
Now looking into the use of biodiesel as I think this is the way to go!
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I too looked at reliability when buying,I got a 53 2.0 TDCI with 70,000 10 months ago and have had no reliability probs at all,fuel wise we gwt 38-45 round town & 50+ on a run.
Wife was suspect about high miles but car was in exellent condition and had full service history from day one,no probs listed in service book & I even rang garage to check up on it.Absolutely nothing had gone wrong.Bought it & have not regreted it.
I would suggest consider a 1.6diesel
Our's goes as well as our previous 1.8 Focus petro1 and we appear to get more than 45 to the gallon however we drive it (even at motoway PLUS!!!) It equates to around £5 saving per 100 miles at present fuel prices
In addition if the much increased VED goes ahead from next April the figure should go down from a present £120 to a new £90

whatever engine I would suggest you need one that has the heated front screen either as standard or as an added extra (it's available on all spec levels0
Seems like most owners have diesels. I calculate that if I do 8000 miles a year, taking into account 50mpg for diesel and 35mpg for petrol, and taking account of lower VED for diesel, it would take me over 3 years to save the £1,000 extra (at least) that an equivalent condition diesel will cost, compared with a petrol. OK, in 3 years time the diesel will still be worth a bit more, but I'm not so sure the aregument for diesel is so clear-cut.

Anyway, thanks for the responses, which have suggested that not everyone is negative about this car! Will probably buy the 1.8 petrol Ghia I've seen, which at just 18 months old and with 7000 miles on the clock seems a reasonable buy at £8k. Fingers crossed it proves to be trouble-free.
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