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Can't seem to remedy an ongoing centrallocking problem.

the passenger doors are locked permanently with the locking button in the 'pushed in' locked position in all but the drivers door.:mad:

the drivers door only opens with the key manually after the fob is used to disarm the alarm.

apart from that the fob locks the car ok and opens/shuts the boot but nothing else.

I've checked fuses, changed them out, had the fuse box out to check for water damage and reinstalled it so definitely good connections but no change.

I've taken the door trim off the drivers door but a metal plate was stopping me seeing the wires and door lock mechanism so advice appreciated as to how to remove window to get the panel off, also whether worth doing or possible may not be door lock problem?

I've been quoted £65 just to get diagnostics done and that's even before work starts and labour/parts are added so eager to fix this myself pressure is on to get done soon as such a hassle for everyone.

Having looked at various oldthreads it seems people have had these issues with similar aged cmax models so hopeful there may be a solution now?
dodgy solenoid in drivers door lock? fuse box need replacing??

Happy to fit parts myself just not sure what is necessary and don't want to waste time/money buying the part to find no change.
Cheapest fuse box ebay £45
Cheapest driver's door lock mechanism (not sure if right one) ebay £65

I have time to have another crack at the drivers door tomorrow to check internal wiring, any water damage/locking mechanism connections etc. so if i could have advice by then it would be great.

Any thoughts/help appreciated.



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Have you carefully read the manual concerning central locking? I had exactly the same problem and the manual holds the solution in that if you hold the lock and unlock buttons down together for 5 seconds or more, the doors will operate again. cant remember if you need ignition on or not to do this but read the manual!!
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