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This iscopied from the welcome section and was written by Series2bloke.

Series2bloke said:
]Bought C-Max 2.0Tdci Ghia in 2006, has no soul (like the LR (read bits dropping off) but it does everything I through at it inc towing my caravan through a 1/4 muddy entrance without getting stuck to the last LR club rally. I love it.

Spec Bought new (ordered) in 2006 2.0ltr Tdci Ghia.
Colour - Jeans
Seats - Ebony
Solar Screen
EPS/Traction Control


Economy - 35-40 round town, 55-60 on run, 27-30 towning caravan.
Ease of access (high seats)
Tows extremely well.


Seats attract all sorts of fluff, hair, dust etc very difficult to hoover off.
Gen Ford boot liner has worn away the boot side cards/liners.
Rear seats fiddly and heavy to remove.

Bits I have added.

Gen ford boot liner - excellent except above
Gen Ford Mudflaps
Gen Ford mats.
Cardboard boot liner (see above re ware etc)
Switch for boot lamp (as I use veh as workshop with tailgate open for long periods)

Thinking of:- K&N, Tunit module.

Vehicle now due MOT (March) and 3 year service has only done 17200 from new.

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I have owned an 04 C-Max Zetec 2.0 TDCI for just over a year (bought May 08) and covered about 16,000 miles in that time. We have just returned from a holiday in Cornwall to North of Edinburgh and the C-Max covered the M74, M6, M5, A30 with no trouble.
The remote key fob has just failed (changed battery, may need recoding), the tailgate release switch failed (replaced with one from Tandy), and the trim round the gear-lever has worked loose, screen-wash filler cap has been lost and replaced with cap from an aerosol can and I suspect the screen-wash bottle has a leak as it half empties within 24 hours. Engine sound-deadening cover has split.

Not as much room or cubby holes as the 1998 Scenic I had before. Rear seats are heavier than those from the Scenic and don't adjust in as many ways.

Overall satisfaction very high and this is my fifth Ford (2 Fiesta, 2 Escort).
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