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The seat belt chime reminding you to buckle-up has ceased sounding on our car. Eureka! I hear you say but does anyone know which fuse to check/replace?
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I don't know but still have the annoying chime so am looing forward to hearing from anyone that might have the answer
The seatbelt chime can be disabled...

Get in car, close all doors, ensure all seatbelts not plugged in. Switch ignition to position 2, do not start engine, plug drivers belt in and out 9 times within 60 seconds, ending with belt out. Car will give a beep to confirm. Remember it disables the warning light too.

To re-enable... the exact same procedure.
makes you wonder what they were playing at to disable it in the first place lol
"right kids.. lets play the seatbelt game"
Seatbelt disable worked (as described above) for me a treat, I like wearing it but hate to be told too!!!
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Just goes to show you.............

I was looking through the threads and found the answer to another question that i had.

seat belt chimes.

And i've been driving around with the seatbelt strapped around the rear of the drivers seat and plugged into the buckle to shut the thing up.

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If you don't want to deactivate the chimes altogether but still want it to warn others (ie the wife) then with the engine running, plug the clip in and release it twice in succession. This turns the chimes and warning light off for that journey. It will reset when you switch off the ignition. I found this to be the case with my car anyway!!
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