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Has anybody out there discovered the pain peeling away from the front wing down at the bottom where it almost meets the sill?
Rang Ford who were typically unhelpful, they said no one has ever raised this issue with them before..........
I have noticed that later versions now have a plastic leading edge to protect it........Funny that!
Forgot to say my CMAX is a 54 plate 1.6 TDCI with low mlileage
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Hello there!

I had the exact same problem on mine.
The dealer told me that "of course it's rusting; as you don't have mud-flaps"

Nice answer I thought, I mean how the hell can Ford deliver it without the bleeding flaps if it obviously needs it ?!?

After an arguement with the dealer they agreed to fix it free of charge...
hi i have a o4 c max ghia is that meant to have mud flaps if so were should the be many thanks mjshort79
I know of at least one luxury "Range" of vehicles where they used to leave the factory fitted with flaps just for them to be removed at the dealers
You can by std. mudflaps for the -04 C-max at your local Ford-dealer.
Easy fit, and not to expensive.
Just looked under the car and my underseal appears to be missing from the drivers side of the car and the joint between sill and floorpan is starting to go. Guess i`ll be out with the waxoil tomorrow. How does a car get out of a garage with out something as basic as underseal missing. I have checked the rest of the car and it is fully covered must have a friday car
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Are Focus C-max front mudflaps the same as Focus front mudflaps, or is the shape of the wing different?
I've got an 05 Cmax and have rust spots about the size of a penny on the curve of the sills on each of the back doors.  Made me think how does this anti corrosion warranty work and would this work be covered under the warranty? Any thoughts?
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