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Reverse Gear gearbox switch

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I've got a fault with my 2004 C-Max...basically the reversing lights won't work and the rear wiper doesn't automatically come on when I reverse in the rain.
So I'm guessing that the gearbox reverse gear detector switch has failed. However, I've no idea where I can find this switch or even what it looks like.

So, can anyone advise me as to...

1. Find where this switch is
2. Check to see if it is faulty
3. Remove it and replace with new item

Hopefully it'll be quite a simple thing to do, as I don't often venture into/under the car to fix problems...so I guess I'm a newbie for this too....
...but what the heck, I've got to start somewhere.

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Have a quick trawl through the recent posts. this came up very recent;y

In essence it is just below the air filter to the L/H end of the engine and should just screw into the gearbox casing and have and electrical connector on the end
- once I'd found out where the damned switch was it was quite a simple job, just so long as you've got a DEEP 22mm socket.....thankfully my local garage lent me theirs as they know me (so thanks to Kevin @ Ives in Bedford).
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