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Retro fit cruise control?

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Hi all,

My first post here, be gentle!!!

I have seen a Max im looking to buy, (its a TIT, 1.6 tdci)and has all the goodies I want, except one...cruise control.

Im coming from a Mk5 VW golf and had cruise retro fitted for £150 by the dealer. On the VW, its just a new indicator stalk with the necessary additional buttons, and get hooked up to the computer to be activated.

Would this be possible with a ford (It has the 4 spoke steering wheel, do the cruise buttons attcach behind it?)

All help appreciated, will hopefully be test driving tomorrow so speedy answers especially appriciated.

Cheers, Paul.
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Not too sure about a retro fit but on the Focus C-Max, the controls are onboth sides of the steering wheel.

Perhaps have a further look around for one that has it fitted.
hi paul i got a ghia c-max 2.ol tdci with cruise control as its the only way the wife will keep her licence. have a good look round and you may find a ghia for about the same price.
fitting cruise controls on a Ford is more expensive then on other cars. You have to change the steering wheel, make some connections (and maybe install some sensors, for brake pedal, acceleration pedal and gear-box) and also make some changes to the computer.
Smiley was about right on this (for me) C-Max 2L Titanium 2008, total cost approx £250 all new parts, if anyone needs / wants anymore details and what i needed to do i'd be happy to supply them, just email me or post here.
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HiI read with interest your message, I have a 2007 cmax titainium which i would like to fit cruise control. the aftermarket ones are very expensive, any advice would be appreciatedCheers Maxi
How I Retro fitted
cruise control to a 2008 2.0 TDCI Titanium<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

There is no guarantee this will work
for everyone, this is just how I did it. It would be interesting<?: prefix = u2 /><u2:p></u2:p>
if other members could post there results if they tried the same<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

There is a few tests I did first.

The Free bits.

Put the car in Self-Diagnostic Mode. On my car it was hold the “tripmeter reset button� in for about 5
seconds with the ignition switch off, this seems to be different on some cars,
sometimes you also need to simultaneously press and hold the tripmeter reset
button and turn the ignition switch to position II.

Once in the Self-Diagnostic Mode, pushing the reset button cycles though
a number of test in turn.

Of the tests this will do,
the one I was interested in was the “All LCD are illuminated� that way I could
check the Cruise light in the dashboard was there.

Check the Clutch & Brake pedals have all the switches, I was not
sure on what was right and what wasn't so I just checked nothing appeared to be
missing, no blank holders.

Next check was to remove the airbag, This was the hardest part, make
sure you disconnect the
battery and leave the car for a bit to make sure
everything is discharged, I left it for about 5mins and then operated a few
switches to make sure.

For me getting the airbag off was tricky.

Turn the wheel 90 degrees left release the clip that holds the top cover
in place, it's a little black tab, the top cover should lift just a little on
the left.

Turn the wheel to the top then 90 right and release the clip the holds
the right hand side of the cover.

The top cover should now lift off.

ON the rear of the steering wheel there was 4 slots where you need to
insert a small screw driver and release the airbag clips, in the Haynes manual
it said to insert small screw driver and push down, I used an "Allen key" and had to pull up. Basically there is four clips
you need to release.

Next check was to check the “clockspring� had the pins in the plug, I
know your next question what is the “clockspring�, it's the bit under the
airbag everything electrical plugs into, you are interested in the top
connection, the bottom one is not used, at least not in my car.

The pins you are interested in are in the same plug as the horn, a black
plug about 15mm wide, unplug it and check the pins are there, ready for the new
plug that come with the cruise switch.

If everything appears to be in order and you want to carry on.

Now it starts costing money.

Not being able to find a new cruise control steering wheel on eBay at
the right price I opted to buy a new switch set from Ford, FINS Code 1425196 a
paid £65, This ended up being the right option, yes Ok I ended up with the
cruise all working but the plastic cover on the rear of the steering wheel is
different for the switch version and you can't get this on its own, so ended up
getting a whole new steering wheel form fords with the switches for £75 Fins
Code 1502430, work that one out!

After I plugged in the Cruise control switches there is one more test
you can do to make sure the wiring is there before your trip to Fords to get
the system enabled.


Press & hold the rear window heater switch.

While holding the rear window switch down turn on the ignition &
then release the rear window switch

( If done correctly a signal sounds & the indicator warning lights
will illuminate to show your now in the test mode )

Now when pushing each cruise switch you should hear a bleep.

10. If
your still here at this point the next thing is a trip to Fords to get the
system enabled, this cost me £95 and only took approx. an hour or so they said,
I think more like 30mins max.

11. I
didn't refit the airbag until this point as I wasn't sure which steering wheel
I was going to use, all depended on the results.

12. For
me it all worked so just fitted the airbag and top cover and all happy.

Cost £170 (or it should have been
if I hadn't paid for an extra set of switches)

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Thanks for your reply DrGMuch appreciated. You are obviously a talented person! It looks a daunting task to someone like me!! It is obviously worth it so will try to give it a go! Is it worth getting the Hayes manual for guidance?
Regards Maxi
Hi Maxi<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

The Hayes manual
is good for reference, worth getting from eBay a lot cheaper there.

but to be honest I only used it for the Airbag
removal and it didn't cover that bit very well at all,

All in all, it's not a hard job, but you won't know
that it will work until it does, if you know what I mean. It did for me.

Not a sure thing but if it's an option on your
model the odds might be in your favor

Keep an eye
on ebay for a cruise control steering wheel, there was one the other day for
around £30 but it sold almost straight away.

The key
Step is the second test when you plug the switches in and run the bleep test,
as that confirms the wiring is there, I don't think there are 2 versions of the
GEM “module� or “Clock-Springs�, so if you pick up a cruise control steering
wheel cheap and the test fails just sell it again, little to no loss
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Hi, this is my first post here.

About 6 weeks ago i bought a C-Max 2008 Titanium, it came fully loaded with only two exceptions Automatic climate control & cruise control. After reading here i thought i'd try retrofitting.

I bought a steering wheel from the local Ford dealer (cost £70 approx) and after a bit of a struggle managed to get the original steering wheel off. Fitted the new one, did all the tests and it all looked good.

The steering wheen passed the GEMS test. Today i took the car to the local dealership to get the PCM etc enabled from cruise control, which they did. However the cruise control still doesnt function. They did tell me that the steering angle sensor was reporting a fault ..

Does anybody have any ideas on where to go from here ?

As the steering angle sensor is part of the adaptive power steering that ought to be fixed anyway
As to if that is why the CC didn't work it ought not to be but the electrics and their inter relation seem to have a few strange links
Hi Richard,

Thanks for the feed back, any idea if it is a big job to replace ?
Interestingly a few mins ago i pluged in my OBD II module it wasnt showing any error codes.

Is this something that only shows up on the dedicated ford diagnostic kit ?

the steering angle module is part of the moveable bit of the steering colum but I have no idea if any (how much) has to be dismantled to remove it

As to codes bring Fraud equipment only, I don't see why they should be but you can never tell
Just a thought, i'm wondering if when i replaced the steering wheel the clockspring & steering angle sensor were moved out of there centre position. I'll have to take the
steering wheel off again to check.

Does anybody know how to recalibate / initialise the steering angle sensor ?
I think the steering angle sensor counts pulses and rate of change
Hi, i have been to a freindly garage and they checked out the car, it doesnt have any problems with the steering angle after all !!

While there and using the FORD IDS we confirmed that the cruise control is enabled in the GEMS & IC, however we couldnt confirm that it was enabled in the PCM.

Does anybody know how (using the FORD IDS) you enabled the cruise control option ?

Sorry, that should have read....

Hi, i have been to a freindly garage and they checked out the car, it doesnt have any problems with the steering angle after all !!

While there and using the FORD IDS we confirmed that the cruise control is enabled in the GEMS & IC, however we couldnt confirm that it was enabled in the PCM.

Does anybody know how (using the FORD IDS) you enabled the cruise control option in the PCM?

Or alternatively can anybody recommend a garage in relatively near Milton Keynes who can do this for me ??

Not sure if this will help at all, but I had my system enabled at:


Oxney Road

Sales 08442475421
Service 08700566666
Parts 08453300020
Rapid Fit 01733425533
Accident Repair 01733425555
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A further update in the battle to enable cruise control on my C-Max.

Today i took my car to the Ford Garage in Peterborough. They battled away for 1 1/2 hours before telling me that the Ford IDS system would not allow them to activate the cruise control. They explained that in other peoples cars when they have reprogrammed (may be reinitialised) the option is available.

They said that it is likely to be one of two possible problems

1) The ECM doesnt contain the software internally to enable
2) There is a wiring fault

Does anybody know if the Ford ECUs are all the same but with different software versions or are there different versions of the electronics ?

I guess one option would be to replace the PCM (ECU) with one which will allow me to enable cruise control but i think the cost is going to be crazy.

Does anybody here have any ideas where i can go from here ?

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I have been reading up more in to this topic, and over in the Fiesta forums they have been enabling Cruise control simply by altering the AS-BUILT Data and uploading it to the PCM, IC & Gems module. (Very similar to using the ELM-FF2 or ELMConfig software except that they can only talk to GEM & IC).

Does anybody know how to reload the AS-BUILT data using the Ford IDS system ?

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