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Requirements for Claiming Motability

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Without giving away any personal details can anyone who has a CMax on motability please advise what is needed in order to qualify.

A relative presently has a KA and is finding it difficult to get in and out due to mainly arthritis. He has less of a struggle with our CMAx but has not the funds to swap cars without assistance similar to motability

Many thanks
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you need to be or he needs to be getting the higher rate of the mobility component of the disabiltity living allowance (£46ish a week from what i remember) to qualify for motabily. you surrender this to motability and get a car with or with out an advance payment depending on the car involved if you go to fords web site and click on the motability section that will explane it in more detail or ring the dedicated department MAGIC(mobility and general information centre)on 0800240241
can cost you £0 up to £1500 for a brand new c-max on a three year contractand all you pay for is the fuel you use

many thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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