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Replacing vanity mirror

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Hi all, first post here.

I've just acquired an 05 C-Max and the first thing the wife looked at was whether it had a vanity mirror on the back of the sun visor. Low and behold it did but the glass was broken.

So my question is, can the mirror be removed / replaced easily or does the whole sun visor need replacing. It's only a little thing and the garage I bought the car from is 50+ miles away so if it's simple I'd rather fix it myself.

The car also seems to have the problem with the RDS clock on the stereo but I think that's covered elsewhere on this forum!

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As regarding your clock setting, you cannot manually set the clock if the RDS is set to on.Set it to off and thengo through the MENU until clock set appears on screen. Whilst RDS is set to ON it won't appear. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the quick response.

The stereo will let me set the clock to the right time but the next time I look it's wrong again, possibly when I turn the engine off. It seems to like 3am on 28th September 08 so it looks like it's receiving a wrong RDS signal rather than just resetting to 00:00 1st Jan. Can't find any menu option to turn RDS either on or off.

From reading elsewhere I'm lead to believe thatthe stereo RDS is conflicting with the car RDS and it needs a software update of the insturment panel (by Ford delaer) to sort it out. Or I put a bit of tape over the time display...
Just in case you dont know, you can go through one menu selectionby pressing the MENU button once , but if youpress it again and hold it down it will bring other settings on screen.I.E RDS etc.
The vanity mirror on our previos Focus was held in by the shape of the mirror surround fitting behind the back of the foam facing of the mirror itself

Perhaps the question should be is the mirror glass available as a spare part as opposed to as part of the mirror. A quick trip to a ford spare parts dealer should identify this
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