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When the tailgate switch failed on my Focus C-Max (the external one under the number plate moulding) I repaired it by fitting a switch from Tandy. Circular, push to make contact.
To fit all you need do remove the original switch and metal pivot bar, drill a suitable hole in the underside of the moulding and fit the switch. The rubber cover still fits over to keep everything water-tight. Solder wires to the switch and connect to the original wiring.

The plastic accoustic cover on the top of the engine (2.0 TDCI) has lost two of the mounting lugs and I disn't want to shell out over £40 + VAT for a new replacement. Phoning round local scrapyards brought no joy either.

I bought12.5mm plastic hose from B&Q (2.88 per metre) and drilled two holes in the cover in the appropriate place, then pushed a short length of the hose throught the engine cover so that the end of the tube slips over the ball-clips on top of the engine.

Happy motoring!
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