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I decided to install a reversing aid. I purchased some ready painted sensors with the correct colour which really helps and providing you drill and miss the large metal bar behind the back bumper its easy. A big rubber bung lets you bring wires in to the rear compartment. The problem was removing the rear light assembly to get to the reversing light wire.
You remove the white (in my case) piece of curved trim which the top part of the seat belt passes through. Its held on by 4 clips and with gentle pulling just pops off. (Protect the horizontal trim surface as you remove it - I scratched mine very slightly) This provides access to the top wing nut of the rear light cluster. The bottom wing nut is located in the compartment with a fold down flap in the boot wall. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LETTHE WING NUTDROP DOWN AS YOU REMOVE IT. You then have to pull the lamp cluster away from the car. There are two determined plastic clips which try and stop you!

The plug just unclips and you can then change bulbs as well as identify reversing light wires. It all clips back together in reverse order.

I also fitted two front sensors and getting wires from front to rear without drilling holes proved really tricky. There is a hole and plastic bung under the front wheel arch which is easy to get to once the plastic inner wing above theroadwheelis removed. This saves drilling any holes in your expensive new car!With the wires in the passenger compartment I just ran them under the carpet. The front sensors are energised by the rear brake light which is less than successful. A switch will go in next weekend to control them instead.

Kit with coloured sensors, 4 rear and 2 front was £80 and it looks like a professional factory fitting.
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