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Rear Wiper Mod

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The original rear wiper can be improved, in looks and sweep, by using the arm and wiper from Citroen C2 rear. It's a straight swap.
The Citroen part numbers are:

C6429W3 Blade Holder £14.19
C6429T3 Blade £8.33



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This should be in the "Original C-max" forum not "New C-max"
Excellent.. I'll have to pop down to my local citroen dealer... looks good
Looks the same to me but slightly longer, are there any other advantages.
Great idea,got blade from local Auto shop £2.99 and arm from neighbour who`s wife wrote her C2 off last wk. No Cost.I`ll be fitting it in morning.
I know this is a 'old' post but what a find!
I know what I'll be doing next

Have moved the thread to the right part of the forum and for the time being a sticky as well.
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hi guys just replaced my wiper arm with a c2 one. whilst fitting noticed that the rubber gromet which sits between the wiper motor and screen seems to have a split in it, has anyone replaced this before, is it just a pop in job or a strip down
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while we are at it
Just how big an increase in swept area are we looking at?
Does anyone know of a similar mod to replace the front right wiper? The front right wiper is, to my mind at least, about 5cms too short, and does not cover/wipe the screen as well as a longer wiper obviously would. Does anyone know if an SMax wiper is longer and would it fit?
Have just carried out the Citroen rear wiper mod and find the wiper blade body fouls under the rear spoiler which causes it to stop in the vertical position !, anybody else had this problem & if so what did you do to fix it (other than cut off the end off the blade housing ?).
Rgds, Paul H.
No answers ??? does this mean that those who have carried out & fitted this mod have not had any problems or is my C-Max different to everybody elses ??? let's have some feedback please, PH.
Did you use the arm off a C" or a C3?
The C3 arm is a straight swap and does not foul the spoiler.
Hi MM, thanks for your response, I followed the post & bought the C2 arm & wiper !!!!
obviously wrong, although the pictures do show the C2 items, presume those who have also bought C2 parts won't reply asit doesn't work (assembly just too long) & they have got it wrong, I will go & have a look & measurethe C3 items & compare. thanks again for your reply, B Rgds, Paul H.
I think you might have the C5 arm if it`s too big,although the blade length is the same.
Hi - no, definately have the C2 blade & arm, Arm P/No 6429W3, Blade P/No 6429T3 exactly as on page 1 pictures, the plot thickens ? notice Peugeot do a similiar arm & blade will go & sort through their parts bins tomorrow, we won't be beaten on this one (beleive same arm & blade used on New Mini as well ! Paul H.
I have just been through my box of bits & the wiper blade is part No W28 from halfords.The arm for it is C3 sept 09 onwards,C5 estateJuly 01 onwards,Mini One/Cooper & Cooper S March 04 to Oct 06,Peugeot 407 SW August o4 onwards & last but not least the Vauxhall AstraEstate March 04 to August 04.
Hope this info helps in your Quest.
On mine I took the arm straight off my neighbours C2 write off & it fitted with not hassle in 2 mins.
Mike thanks info appreciated, will go hunting in the morning & report back, B Rgds, Paul H.
Forgot to say the blade is 290mm in lenght.
Apologies for being abit late to this but I've gone "the other way" and taken it off completely.

Take off the bolt for the wiper. Take out the two screws in the handles for the boot lid. The boot trim just pulls down. Three bolts and unclip an electrical connector and the motors out. Stick a21mmgrommet from Maplins in it and spray it with a water dispersal spray. The whole window then stays see through and it's one less wiper to replace as well.

It also looks alot better in my opinion.
Ok. Im getting confused. Which arm fits a c2,c3 or c5?????
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