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We recently bought a secondhand'55 1.6 Zetec with 16000 miles on the clock. We've just lost full retractabilityon one of the rear seatbelts. I've removed any twists our 7-year old wound into the belt, which feeds through a half-loop on his kiddie seat.

Before I send the littl'un to his room for a month (without his DS Lite for extra emphasis), is it likely to be his fault, or is thisa known problem with C-maxs/Fords in general?

PS Has anyone else asked why the rear seat trays fold downwards rather than upwards? Is there a lock I've missed, or this just a daft bit of design - because there's only so much weight you can put on them before they fold, with ensuing mess of drink/toys/sweets allover the floor?!
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