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Rear end clonk

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My 2004 reg 1.8 ghia has a persistent clonking from the rear on unsettled surfaces. Local Ford dealer could find nothing wrong, but the noise is very irritating.Car has done 30 000 miles but has clonked since purchased a year ago.Any ideas/ Also how can you stop the lid of that stupid compartment in the dashboard from rattling, apart from taking it off?
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Have you checked the jack and the spare wheel are tighly secured?
Hi, have the same issue with mine. There is a clonk which I cannot get ofridand reckon it is the rear plastic bumper assembly.. The plastic 'card' on the inside of the tail gate is suspect too. The little doors on the boot storage compartments are loose. Tap these areas and there is the clonk...
I have got used to it but think they are very poorly assembled. As for the front storage tray, does any one use it??
My usual interpretation of "clonk" is a metalic sound not plastic
Are there stillany metal bits on cars nowadays?
I'll call my clonking a plastic clankthen!!
Hi we have sane clonking from rear ever since we bought the car a few months but have not really investigated it.  Would be really nice not to hear it though!,
As to metal bits. Have you seen the substantional bit of metal that is underneathe the plastic bumper

If yours is like mine then those 2 little doors can be removed totally so as to eliminate them from the noise equation

I presume that the rear rubber mountings for the exhaust system have been checked for soundness and the rear end waggle about just in case it comes into contact with the body somehow
We had a similar clonk from the rear on our 2004 C-Max. At first I thought it was the rear bumper too. Spent ages trying to work out what it could be. It got worse a few weeks ago. Had my local mechanic look at it. Changed the anti roll bar links, did the trick, all sorted. Now just a slight rattle driving on severe roads.

Hope this helps!
I'm a little concerned that apparently if everyone has the problem with the anti roll bar mounts that some seem to been missed during an MOT
I seem to get a metalic clincking from the back.Not been able to check it out yet as it`s rained too much.

As for dash,I use mine for a couple of maps and an A/Z.To stop any squeaking I cut two pieces of antislip mating and put them at each end,problem solved.

And yes,I do still use maps,much better than a Sat Nag,Yes I did spell it correctly!
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MetalMicky08 said:
And yes,I do still use maps,much better than a Sat Nag,Yes I did spell it correctly!
I still use maps and study the route I intend to go the night before.
I also have two Sat Nags as well, one being electronic which tells me where the gatsos are while the other is human... the wife
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I had a similar clonking noise from the rear when I bought my C-Max 3 months ago. I eventually traced it down to the plastic tubes that cover the centre rod on the shock absorbers. This had come 'unstuck' from its base - some type of foam rubber cushion, allowing it to rattle about. I just glued it back in place and the clonking disappeared.

By the way, I have a 1.8 petrol Zetec, and I am also disappointed with the fuel consumption like many others - only 35 mpg at 70 mph. It seems that this is typical of what I can expect.
Thanks for the tip,Steve,Hi by the way.I can`t help with mpg as I`ve got a 2.0 TDCI.
Ahh, I also found the shock absorber plastic shroud and tried to re-attach the b****y thing to the rubber stop but ended up cutting a slot and using the everso and omni useful cable ties to hold it together.My clonk (clank) is stillvery elusive. I,d forgotten the shocker tube..
Interesting comments regarding the links whatever. will have to have a look. Cheers:::::::::
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