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Rear Bumper Removal - help!

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Hi there,

Can anyone please tell me how to remove the rear bumper on an '07 C-max?

The car has parking sensors so I'm guessing will have to disconnect the wiring harness for those, but where does the bumper attach to?

I can't find any drawings or diagrams on the net to help at all.

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks

(just registered today folks on this site so 'hello' to all also!)
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I have the removal instructions for a 2003 / 04 Max as from the TIS disc as a PDf if you want to PM me an email address. It may not be exactly the same but should be close. Perhaps othersise visit your nearest dealer and get them to look at the electronic version that they should have a subscription to
pm sent mate. Many thanks.
hi i could do with some advice on rear bumper removing on my 54 reg ghia
again if you'd care to PM me with an e mail I'll forward the PDF file from the TIS Disc
Have removed and refitted rear bumper to 04 Focus C-max in order to fit tow bar.

Two screws under back horizontal edge of bumper - lie on your back under the car and you will see them. (Car on wheels - do not get under a car supported only by a jack!).
Cross head screws from memory.

Two screws in each rear wheel arch going through wheel arch liner and visible although probably covered in mud and rusty. Torx head. One nut hidden behind wheel arch liner - quite high up- the corresponding stud is attached to the bumper. One hex-head screw each side behind rear reflectors - lever reflectors carefully out from edge closest to boot.
The bumper has 1 peg on each side so hads to be lifted sideways first, then backwards. The bumper is not heavy but is very large (1 piece) so I recommend 2 people as you don't want to scratch it on the ground. Cheers.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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