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Rear Brakes

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I need to change the rear pads on mt C Max and require a piston retractor tool. I gather they come in various sizes. Any ideas as to what one I need?

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Hi,welcome to the site.
If you can`t get the correct tool,you may be able to do the job with some long noesed pliers.Good luck & keep us posted.
I tried that but itwould not retract.

Just realised I should clarify to say this is for the 1.6TDCI. I think perhaps the 2.0L TDci is different and don't have any clue about the petrol variants, Sorry

so as to check which models come with which rear caliper
they do seem to have exchange calipers in and may be prepared to measure the size and position of the holes in the end of the caliper. Well they did when I asked not that long ago but don't presume they will
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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