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rear brakes

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just changed the rear brake pads on my 2.0l diesel,they were down to the metal on one side but the discs were hardly worn.
the mileage is 21000,is this normal?
the other thing is when fitting the new pads i pushed back the pistons,i have since been told they should have been wound back.would this have caused any damage?
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The ratio of dics wearing are usually about 2 sets pads to 1 set discs so I wouldn't worry too much on that respect.

When you say the pads were down to the metal on 1 side you don't say whether its 1 side of each disc, or 1 side of the car? If it's 1 side of the car then the brakes need checked to find out why. If its 1 side of each disc, and the other side of each disc is pretty well worn out too, then that's pretty normal.

If the brakes are operating properly and not leaking then it appears like you have done no harm pushing the pistons back. Time will tell on that one.

Hope this helps.
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