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Random alarm

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Hi everyone

I've got a 53 plate 1.8 cmax which I've been very happy with until recently. I am having problems with the alarm going off at random intervals (although mostly at night - just when my 4 month old daughter has finally gone to sleep - the wife's not best pleased). It's been going on for a few weeks now and wondered if anyone had similar problems? Normally, it only goes off once per night - once it's been reset it seems to be OK until the next night.

I've also got a problem with the radio that may be related. Again at random, although more frequent intervals, the stereo will lose power completely. Sometimes it will come back on of it's own accord. Other times you need to enter the key code.

Any suggestions?

Thanks v much
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Start with battery connections
certainly the radio needs codes entering if it's diconnected

possibly the alarm is detecting a voltage drop due to a partial loss of connection somewhere
Thanks for the reply - I had a similar thought and gave the batteryterminals a clean but no joy. All the connections to the battery seem sound. Is it possible that an earth fault could be causing the problem?
Richard is very much onto the problem. But it's one of those issues that need hunting.
As you've checked the connections on the battery, perhaps take it out and give the battery a complete charge.
If this does the trick, then perhaps the either the battery is not getting a charge from the alternator or it's just needs the car being used more!
I've had a look at the wiring diagrams and the next possible common voltage relate place for radio and alarmappears to bethe central junction box

If the alarm has a battery back up internally than it's designed to sound if it loses the external voltage supply just as if somebody cut the main battery lead so there would be no power for the alarm
Thanks guys - I'll try your suggestions and let you know how I get on
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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