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radio code

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Help !!!
the battery was disconnected, and now I have to input the radio code (which I have).
How do I input it? There is a zero in the code, does this make a difference?
An idiots guide would be appreciated by this technophobe female
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Hi and welcome to the site, from another newbie

Is it the standard Ford 6000 radio/cd you have? If so, follow these instructions:

1) Switch on the unit. The display will read 'Vehicle ID' then will go to 'Code'.
2) If for example, your code is 0735, begin by pressing the '1' preset button repeatedly until the first digit reads '0'. Thenpress preset button 2 until the next code digit reads '7'. Then press preset button 3 until the next code digit reads '3'. Then press preset button 4 until the next code digit reads '5'.
3) When your display reads '0735' press preset button 5 to input the code.
4) If all is well, your radio should now be working.

Obviously, the above example code is 0735, so you'll have to adjust it for your own particular code.

Best of luck. Hope this helps, let us know how you get on
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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