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Hi everyone as you may or may not know I recently had a very scary experience with my c max were I was driving along and then all of a sudden everything just cut out on me.

I as a result of this posted a topic saying this car is a death trap.

I feel I may have put the frightners up some people so I would like to say this.

I now know what the problem was with the car and the car now it has being fixed is ok again.

The problem was the alternator was burning itself out and eventually did burn itself out. That resulted in me having a very scary momment in the car.

I have never had a alternator go before so I never knew what to look out for so I took it to a garage who saied it was safe to still drive.

I was having trouble days before it went with the radio not keeping time. I know it loses a couple of minutes here and there but I was losing hours.

The car battery kept going flat and I had to jump the car a couple of times to get it started.

The day before I had everythink fail on me I had a constant wooing noise everytime I started the car that would get louder as i accelarated.

I was told this was not mechanical but it is a voltage noise as the battery is not being charged by the alternator as the alternator is on its way out.

I now would like to say I have now being told this can happen on any car it is not just the c max.

So the car is not a death trap it is just I experienced somethink I have never experienced before and belived it was a fault with the car.

I now know it is not a fault that the c max has it was a mechanical failure that any car can have.

so please dont worry about the car being dagerous as it is not at all it is a machine and it just went wrong.
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